Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Days of Our Lives (in summer)

These days, our lives are kind of topsy turvy, it seems.  We have no schedule.  We have no consistency.  We have no real cohesion.  I blame summer.  I need to find some organized activity to join that is cheap/free and does not kill me in the heat.  It is tough due to the kids 2-year age gap.  There are activities for under 3 and there are activities for 3 and up.  I am having trouble finding activities that we all three can participate in.  We try to spend as much time as possible in the pool during the summer, but I just need something that we have to look forward to 1-2 day(s) per week that are planned and consistent.  I also need to get some kind of learning plan in place.  Cassie is starting preschool in the fall and there are a few more things that I think we need to brush up on to be ready for that. 

So, those are my goals.  If you have activity ideas that are cheap and won't kill me in the heat, let me know...especially if you're involved in them with your kids!  That would be even more fun!


Bek said...

We did picnic playdates in the park for a while with friends, that was fun once a week. Maybe you could make a list of different places to visit, and go visit them with your friends' kids too, like a museum, exhibits, kids day at the theater, having a "summer party" during the day similar to a sleepover...but that's if your friends want to do those things too! I'm sitting here trying to think of things...and that's a hard thing to come up with ideas for! I wish I had more for you!

Bek said...

Oh, I have a friend that's starting a kids art camp at her house, she's charging for it, but you could totally do that at a different house each week and do craft projects with the kids, the host providing the crafts. Just another idea that popped in my head.

Mandi said...

Does your library have story hour? Or something along those lines for little ones? They may even have a play group there for your kids.