Monday, June 21, 2010

Who Knew?

Who knew that there was a SINGLE brave bone in her entire body?!? I sure didn't. Sorry to be a copycat poster, Kel, but I was just so impressed at my daughter Slip'N'Sliding that I HAD to post it. Thanks for the pics! Thanks to Carla and Missy for a great party and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the 2 birthday boys!!!

OH MY...


Let's try it backwards!

TA-DA!  She was so proud of herself for being brave!

I just have one question...were slip'n'slides ALWAYS this short and it was just child perspective???


Anonymous said...

A) No, they used to be longer.


B)Both of the guys/torsos in the first picture look like me! Weird.


BEK said...

What a wonderful day!!!