Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever

Well, hopefully she won't contract cat scratch fever, but Cassie did have a run-in with a baby kitty yesterday.  My dad got some kittens (that are grandkitties of his cat, Maggie) and they might just be the most beautiful, adorable kitties in the whole, wide world.  I was seriously about to steal one until my eyes started itching and watering, my arms started itching, my nose was itchy and runny, and my face started looking blotchy.  That was all with the first pet of these little sweeties! 

This isn't the actual kitten, but it is close.  The actual kittens are even cuter than this.  Their little faces are round and full and they are just darling.  Did I mention that I'm NOT an animal person?  Something about kittens gets me every time!
Anyway, Cassie was holding one of the kittens and the kitten decided that she was done with the whole affair.  As she struggled to get down, she made quite a mess of Cassie's left hand and arm.  I guess I should have taken a picture of her arm sans bandage, but I don't have one.  What I do have is our doctoring of it last night after bathtime (which hurt a lot) and before bedtime, which she was horribly worried about.  We put medicine (Neosporin) on every single little scratch and bandaged her up good.  Here was the result.

A hundred bandages later and she was confident that she would survive the night.  And she just got out of bed at 9:00 after going to bed at 9:00, so I guess she made it.  :)

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Kelly T said...

Poor girl! I forgot to ask her tonight to show me. These pictures are hilarious... it looks like it was some serious drama in the Vickers' household.