Monday, October 6, 2008


So, for Dopps Camp this year (read below for "Dopps Camp" explanation), my mom, 2 sisters-in-law, and myself are in charge of a craft for the children and a craft for the ladies. We are off to a good start with ideas, but wanted to open it up for other ideas from the bloggy world at large. SO, if you have any great ideas, bring 'em! You can post them or email them to me at The explanation for my email address is a whole different blog post.

So, what does Dopps Camp entail? Well, let me start off with numbers. 100. Typically we plan for somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 people. This is JUST my dad's side of the family. This is JUST immediate family. 100. So, you figure for crafts, we'll need crafts for about 30-ish people. That's not only a wad of cash if you're not careful, but much planning, shopping (ick!), and preparation.

Because of the large family, we rent an entire camp for the year Christmas, the next year Thanksgiving. We spend a weekend or several days there just all being together and lovin' every moment of it! We are a very close-knit family and all look forward to Dopps Camp every year. are the guidlines for the craft...perhaps this should have been up above...

1. Cheap-ish
2. Easy-ish (we usually have a few hours in which to get all 30 kids/ladies through the craft)
3. Winter/Christmas themed
4. Cute/Neat/Trendy

So, bring 'em my way and I thank you kindly in advance! :)


Anonymous said...

what age of kids are we talking...cause i have stuff for like 2-maybe 5 ish...

Devion said...

Well, that's part of the challenge. We might do 2 different crafts, as we have everything from like Cassie to like 12-year-olds to accomodate. Some of the younger teens even like the kids crafts sometimes. SO, if you have any great ideas for the little bitties, send 'em over. If you have something for older kids...send 'em over!

Maria said...

One idea I have is to decorate Christmas ornaments. You can get plain ones from Hobby Lobby and just let the kids paint them. Or you can get the clear ones and let the kids fill them with fun little sequins and sparkles, or whatever they choose. It'd be a fun craft that can be displayed with pride for years to come!

Brooke said...

sounds like you've got a family as big as mine! :) good luck!

Bek said...

Kids Craft Idea

Christmas-photo Cards. I think Oriental Trading Company has some kits you can buy if you want it to be really easy for you to prepare, but all you really have to buy is the cards and envelopes (you can buy the photo-frame cards in bulk at JoAnn's when they're on sale, or use one of their 40% off coupons they put in their mailers) and buy a bunch of decorations, like snowflake punch-outs (you could even see if the church would let you use their die-cut machine and cut these out yourself to save money) and other holiday paper cutouts, glitter pens, pom-poms, sequins, etc. Let each kid make like 5 of them, and when they get home they can stick a picture of themselves in it and mail it off to distant relatives (the ones who didn't sit there with them to help make it!)

If you want to make it less messy, you can go to the Dollar Tree and buy their brand of glue dots/glue adhesives, I think they come 100 in a pack, and they can use those to "glue on" their decorations as opposed to using real glue. They also have some cheap craft supplies.

This craft would also be lightweight for you to pack in your suitcase on the way there.

The older kids can REALLY get creative with these and make them nice, and the younger ones will have a blast getting to paste whatever they want to their Christmas cards!

I had another idea...but I forgot what it was after typing the first one :) If I remember and you're still interested, I'll post it!

Allison Connor said...

Several years ago the ladies in our young marrieds class did a craft night and did snowman is cheap and really the kids and adults could do it! What you do is buy two small terra cotta pots (I think the ones we used were probably about 3 in diameter) and one little tray that the pots would sit in for each person. Flip over the flat pot and put the bigger side of one of the pots on it. Put the other pot on top...kinda like this (sideways) ><[. You paint the pots with craft paint to look like a snowman, santa, elf or any other chrismas thing and we used some strips of fabric for scarfs you can use buttons or whatever you want. Then you can put a tealight or a small candle in the pot...cute candle holder. I still put mine out now. Let me know if you want a pic of mine. I can probably dig it out and email a pic to you. Hope this helps!