Thursday, October 30, 2008


"Fireproof doesn't mean fires will never just means that you will be able to withstand the fire."
I really am quite speechless. This movie is nothing short of amazing. Here's what I have to say to EVERY couple out there whether they are happily married, barely hanging on by a thread, or considering marriage...RUN...don't walk, but RUN to this movie. I promise you, you will not go away dissappointed. It was the absolute best movie I have ever seen.
Was it the best acting I've ever seen? No! In fact, some of the actors are kinda funny. They are primarily volunteers from the church(es) that backed this project. Was it the most entertaining movie I've ever seen? Not necessarily. It had some funny parts. It had some drama. It had some action. Was it the most thought-provoking movie I've ever seen? Absolutely! It was one of those movies where you just sit in your seat at the end...fully aware that the credits are flying by, but unable to move or speak because you have just been through an emotional battle with some very real, relatable (sp?) characters.
This wasn't one of those movies where Christians are goofy or dorky or whatever. It wasn't one of those movies where they shove religion down peoples' throats. It was so gently done that it is so touching.
I believe that this movie and the accompanying books at can revolutionize ANY marriage...can save ANY marriage...can bring joy, love, peace, and contentment to ANY marriage.
Please go see this movie that was put on by a bunch of Christians that God used as His incredible tool to change lives and hearts. If we all show our support of this (which has been done over and started out at I think #3 in the box office opening weekend), then hopefully God will allow other such productions to be made. It is time for us to have GOOD options for our entertainment that are pure, lovely, wholesome, and true!
We have already agreed that we are buying this movie and we're going to watch it every 6 months or is THAT important and that life-changing if you'll let yourself be touched by this precious story.
I need to go now so that I can find a simple way to make this day a bit better for Mark. That's what marriage is all about...sharing the load, halving the grief, doubling the joy.


Rebekah said...

Matt and I have talked about going to see this.

Bek said...

I agree, awesome movie! Even John liked it! He thought he was going to hate it, because movies like that usually are not that great, but it was! I wish they would make more movies like that! We bought the Love Dare book a few days after we saw the movie. Sadly, I keep forgetting to read the darn thing...

Rebekah said...

Happy Halloween

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

This really was a wonderful movie! I'm so glad it got the attention it did and such great turnout at the theaters!

R Family of 5 said...

This was a great movie! We saw it a few weeks ago and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD!