Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A new beginning for my blog. I have caused some offense with a recent post of mine that was purely unintentional, but happened nonetheless. SO, I have erased some of my archive deemed unhelpful/unhealthy, etc. and have changed my outlook on blogging. Hope you enjoy my new format, my new and old features, and what is fresh on my mind! Without further adeux... (I don't know how to spell it just 'ado'?)

When last I left you in the soup that was my favorites, I detailed the letter "J." That was May 15th or something like that. SHAME ON ME! I have been a bit busy what with the 2-y-o, newborn, moving, etc. I hold to that excuse. SO, here we have it, folks! ALPHABET SOUP for the letters "K" and "L"!

KIDS: Anyone that knows me knows that I have and always have had a passion for kids. I love talking to them, hearing what they have to say, learning how their little brains think things through. They are magical and amazing little people!

KISSES: The lip-smackin' sort. There is nothing that speaks to my heart more than a sweet kiss from my hubby or kids. And yes, Physical Touch IS my Love Language! :)

KIWI: There is something about this fruit that is just curious to me. Fuzzy on the outside, somewhat slimey on the inside, with teeny, tiny seeds on the inside that are fun to crunch. The texture on the inside is unique and you won't find a fruit that is similar!

KOOL-AID: Yes, I'm a kid at heart (see above about kids)! :) I love Kool-Aid. I especially love green Kool-Aid. It not only is yummy, but it brings back a certain bit of nostalgia from my childhood. It was the "special drink" for parties, birthdays, playgroups, etc.

That's all I can come up with for "K." Lame

LEMON-LIME: I love just about anything l-l flavored. Sprite, Kool-Aid (see above), candy, sno-cones, etc. It is just a tasty flavor! As a side note, I LOVE cherry limeades, strawberry limeades, regular limeades, lemonade, cherry lemonade, lemon bars. Pretty much if it is lemon, lime, or l-l, I love it! My favorite dessert EVER is Key Lime pie!

LUCKY CHARMS: Is a comment really necessary? Adult cereal and kiddie cereal all mixed in one!

LILAC: I can't figure out how to spell that in all caps...sorry. Something about all caps messes with my brain. Anyway, I love lilacs. I guess that spelling was right, wasn't it? I love the look of lilacs. I love the smell of lilacs. I want a lilac bush! Do they grow in Kansas? :)

LIGHT: I love light. I love a pure, white light if it is artificial lighting. I love sunlight. There is nothing better when I'm not feeling well than to take a nap in a shaft of sunlight streaming through the window.

LITTLE THINGS: I love all things miniature. If you take an ordinary object and shrink it down to miniaturize it, I love it. So far, Cassie shares my passion for all things tiny. I love doll houses that have intricate replicas. I love toys that are perfect imitations only on a smaller scale. I love tiny food. I love little things! I'm even more lame with the "L's." Oh well. I have one thought to share with you in parting:


My cruel parents, upon discovering that I couldn't pronounce my "L's," had me repeat this often. They have it on tape. It goes a little something like this in my version:

Yiddle Yadies Yick Yawpops.



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