Thursday, October 23, 2008

An update in dull land

Not too much to report around here...we're pretty much just living.

Before I get into US, though, let me pause in recognition of my mother's aunt, Kay, who passed away this week prompting a trip up to North Dakota for my mom and her sister. Her aunt had been battling cancer and lost the fight Monday night. She was my granddaddy's sister. She and my mom were really close when my mom was young, but they have since seen things very differently and that effected their relationship. I know that my mom is flooded with many memories from her childhood of times spent with Kay. We pray for comfort for the family as they deal with their loss. The funeral will be tomorrow.

We are just living normal life around here, really. Mark goes to work. I take care of the kids, do laundry, that sort of thing. Conrey is STILL trying to get his first little teeth in and it has been quite miserable for him. Poor little guy! Cassie is getting used to living here at Grannie and Grandpa's house and is enjoying the extra attention. We had a play date with her cousins, Jason and Jessica, this morning. That was fun. We are easing into church here and I'm trying to help Mark meet people and feel acclimated. It is really difficult for him, so I'm trying to be supportive and trying to really keep him in the forefront of my mind when we're at church to make sure that he's not lost in the shuffle. That happens with him because he is so quiet by nature and I really want him to feel comfortable here. I think that that is about it. I have started going to the Ladies' Bible Study on Tuesday mornings and really enjoy it. It is a nice break to get out and interact with women of all ages.

I think that that is about it with us. I want to be sure and direct you to the post below in case you didn't see it. I really want to try to publicize this business and help them out, so PLEASE take a look at their stuff and if like what you see and find them competitive with other companies, give them a shot. I am SURE you will not be disappointed!

Not much to post about things at the moment. If anything amazing, incredible, or unbelievable happens, I'll be sure and post it. For now, this will have to do. Also, don't forget about this website. It's worth checking into too!!!

For now, I'm out!

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Meshellyn said...

I'm still jealous you are going to Northside, sigh... Hopefully the transition to this new life will be easy for Mark and that's great that you are thinking so much about making it go smoothly for him. Such a good wife :)