Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update on 2 precious baby girls

I have an update on the 2 baby girls that I asked you to pray for back in July. One baby girl is almost 3 months old, the other is still invitro.

First, news on baby Addison who will be 3 months old on Saturday. At exactly 80 days old, Addison was released from the hospital to go home with her mommy and daddy. She has done so much better than anyone could have hoped for and God really saw her through the long road from the incubator to her own home.

Now, for a much more somber update. It is an update about my cousin, Brooke, and her unborn baby girl. I can't say it better than my uncle, the baby girl's grandpa, said it in an email to my brother:

“You recall that Brooke's baby was diagnosed as having Spina Bifida open defect (without a covering membrane) with an Arnold-Chiari Type II malformation of the brain. The baby has excess fluid on the brain and the malformation causes the brain to be compressed into the spinal column.

On the 27th, Monday of next week, Brooke is to have her amniotic fluid tested. Assuming they find the lungs to be developed as expected, she is scheduled for a C-Section delivery at 1:30pm Wednesday, the 29th, at Baylor Hospital's main campus. Immediately following delivery, the baby is to be transported to Children's Hospital in Dallas. Within 24-48 hours of birth, the little girl is to have surgery on her back to close both the neural tube and the skin over the opening in her spinal column.…The truth is, we have learned a great deal about what her condition MIGHT be, but only God knows what it WILL be. So we try to prepare a best we can, and try not to worry about all the things that might be. As one of our doctors told us early in this odyssey, there is no way to know what her condition really is until after delivery.

A few weeks ago Brooke and Matt were able to escape for a few days to celebrate Brooke's 30th birthday. During that time they were able to clear their heads a bit and spend some time letting their trust and faith be renewed. They determined that they would trust God to heal her, as he sees fit. Since that time, the evaluations and reports they have received seem to have been getting better. We know God does reward faith.

Brooke and Matt's three boys, Caleb (7), Bradley (5), and Anderson (almost 2) have great concern for their sister and their Mommy. Certainly they don't comprehend how this might impact their lives. But the love and tenderness they have already shown foretells that they will be fabulous brothers for her.As Brooke and Matt look past the birth of the child they know there is a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty calls for faith, strength, and perseverance. They have concerns how this birth may change the lives of their family, impact their futures, and create financial consequences that will be difficult to bear.

On Monday, October 27th, we will be having a special day of prayer and fasting for this baby and her family. It is a day we will set aside to ask for God's healing, God's help, God's wisdom, God's comfort, God's provision, and God's mercy. If you want to, and can, join in prayer and fasting on that day, we thank you. Prayers do make a difference. Hopefully, the descriptions in this email can help you understand and know what the concerns and opportunities are for this child.”
This is a very heart-wrenching situation and my heart aches for my cousin. My sweet aunt, Naomi, sent out a very sweet card to all of us family members with 2 bracelets in it to remind us to pray for Baby Girl Cole. I proudly wear it on my arm and intend to pray ferverently for this family. Being a nursing mother, the fasting is not really possible for me, but I will be fasting in my heart on behalf of this baby girl and this whole family.

Thank you all so much for your prayers for these babies and their families. I ask that you lift up Brooke, Matt, their boys, and baby girl this Mon-Wed as they prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for what is to come.



Anonymous said...

I happened to read this update on your brother's blog today. Not that all situations are the same, or that all circumstances are the same... recently we delivered a patient of mine whose baby was thought to have a moderate case of SB, detected thru pregnancy. Even after the baby was born, seen after by neonatal pediatricians and nurses for days, it took a specialist to determine that it was a repairable cyst. PTL! Will keep your cousin in my prayers and will hope for such a blessed outcome.


Harrold Family said...

We will definitely be praying for both families. I have never been real good with fasting but I can definitely pray.

TacoDave said...

Hey! I didn't get a letter with bracelets. Maybe she only sent them to girls?

I feel left out. :-(