Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello from the new home

Well, no pics yet. The camera is messed up and refusing to cooperate. We are in. We are unpacking. We are in utter chaos. BUT, we are in. We are figuring out where to put things. Our 3-car garage is a mess of boxes and we cannot even get 1 vehicle in it. We have our necessities in place and are daily unpacking the remaining "stuff."

Cassie had a hard time the 1st 2 nights, but was fine from then on. The first night, she kept saying that she wanted to go home. She wanted her green house. It broke my heart.

Conrey has been a mess, but has been hilarious at other times. He is sleeping AWFUL both day and night. However, in between his catnaps, he is the happiest, smiliest, best kid. He growls at you now to play. He can say Momma and hi. He sits alone and plays for 20-30 minutes before he's done with being by himself. If sis is around, he'll play for longer.

If you remember with Cassie, her first word was Dada and her second word was Grandpa, so I'm thrilled that Conrey decided to say momma first! :)

Well, sorry this is brief, but it catches you up. I'll be back soon!!!

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