Friday, February 20, 2009

Sorry, sorry, sorry

Sorry for the lack of postings. We have been busy. We have been gone. We have had sick kids. Conrey started with a cough and cold. Then, an ear infection. Then, the start of pneumonia. Three days of a z-pak later and he's doing much, much better. The day he had his chest x-ray, sis started coughing. ugh. She has a way worse cough than his ever got, but she seems to be feeling okay otherwise.

In other news, mommy got down and dirty about potty training. You see, babies wear diapers. SO, on the GREAT advice from some wise friends, I explained to Cassie that if she was going to do that like a baby, she was going to live like a baby. Babies don't watch TV. Babies only play with baby toys. Babies sleep in baby beds (aka the pack'n' play). Babies don't get snacks. Babies only get to drink milk or water (she HATES milk). Babies take multiple naps each day. Babies cannot color. The list goes on and on. So, after explaining all of this to her, I explained that if she decided to pee-pee in the Dora panties that I was putting on her, she would have to live like a baby. If she continued to be a baby, she would have to start eating baby food. For her, this is synonomous with eating liver and onions...the worst thing she can imagine. SO, she did really well...until she decided to poo in her panties. ICK ICK ICK! Guess who stood in the bathtub and rinsed out those panties? Don't worry, people, I thoroughly...THOROUGHLY sanitized the tub afterwards. I made her rinse them out, which she did NOT enjoy. Then, we reverted to babyhood. I was saving the baby food for the second offense. Guess what? I have yet to feed her baby food. She has been doing AWESOME. She has had a few accidents, but accidents happen and I don't count those against her. What I DO count against her is stubborness and the decision that she doesn't want to use the toilet. She has done awesome. When we go out in public, I put a pull-up on over her panties. At the dr's office, she told me when she needed to potty and stayed dry. The amazing thing? I have never had to ask her if she needs to go. She tells me!!!!!!! Do I smell success??? I think so! NOW, before I have this all come crashing down on me because of my pride (again), I will say that this was done with a lot of prayer and petition on my part (both on my own and with Cassie...again another brilliant suggestion from my Bible study moms). It is Cassie doing the work not me. So, I'm not patting my own back, but rather thanking my lucky stars and the good Lord for finally giving me the wisdom to get this done (referred wisdom from the ladies). We're on the right track, Hallelujah!

Well, I think that's all I have for now. Congrats to Jessica for the arrival of Baby Jaxon and hang in there to my other preggo friends who are due anywhere from 2 days from now to 6 weeks from now. I know that this is where it gets tough, so stay strong!

Everyone take care and I'll update again soon...I hope!

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Rebekah said...

Yeah for love and logic and choices!!! Keep it up mommy!