Saturday, February 28, 2009


I found something out yesterday on my umpteenth visit to the dr's office. This time, though it was for Cassie. She had been awake all night long Thurs/Fri night crying. Partially because of her ear, partially because Daddy was watching King Kong and it scared her. She doesn't have an ear infection, just pressure issues (collapsed eustasian tube and retraction for you medical people) and pain from that. Anyway, she hadn't been to the dr since last May for her 2-year check up. Was I surprised!!!

Rewind to a week and a half ago when I took Conrey. He weighed in at 22.1 lbs on a warm day when he was wearing light clothes.

Back to yesterday: Cassie weighed 27.8 lbs on a COLD day when she was wearing heavier winter clothes.

WHAT?!? My 8.5-month old and my 33.5-month-old (Sorry...just for comparison's sake) are only 5.7 lbs different?!? HA! WHOA!

I just couldn't believe it. That's like a sack of flour. Not much. Conrey, need to start crawling, walking, SOMETHING to get some of that chub off, dude!


Jen and Ryan said...

Kaden is up to 18 pounds and he's 5 months tomorrow. I'm sure he'll catch up to Conrey's weight by 8 months. I think baby boys just end up a bit chubbier.

Rebekah said...


Cami D said...

Dev, they do tend to have their own schedules per child. Same (but opposite of yours) goes for Jacie and Justin when they were young. Jacie chunked up while Justy has remained 'ripped' his whole little life. I'm not exagerating. As a baby, he had more muscle definition than JJ does now! I don't know if you remember him back then. At 6 weeks, I could hold him horizontally in my hand and he held himself out stiff as a board. And before he could crawl, around 8 months or so, he could do a complete pull-up on my fingers. Strange!
He only weighs 58 #'s now at 10 years old. Jacie weigh 54 at 8. JJ only weighs 72 at 12! AAAHHH! My son is 12. How can that happen so fast? You just turn around and they are almost a teenager.