Friday, July 2, 2010

It's the little things

Mark had his physical, his hearing test, his vision test, his color vision test, and his strength test all this week.  Luckily, it wasn't the type of physical he thought it would be.  He thought that it would be the all-invasive type, but it wasn't and he was THANKFUL!

He was worried about his hearing test.  If you didn't know, Mark was a drummer in jumior high, high school, and pretty much up until we had kids.  Because of a lack of time, the issue of how loud the drums were with small children, and changes in priorities, his drumming sessions have all but disappeared.  Anyway, we've always thought that his hearing was bad because of this and a love for insanely loud music.  He's one of THOSE guys when you're driving down the street and you hear the music even with the windows up.  It's not pounding bass, rap, or cussing, but it's LOUD!  Anyway, I now have proof that his hearing is fine and he just doesn't listen to me!

He was worried about the vision test because he hasn't been to the doctor in many years since having LASIK.  It checked out A-OK.

He was worried about the color test because some lady told him that he might be color blind based on a test she did, which she wasn't sure of how to do and didn't know really what the results were.

All of that worry was for nothing. 

The actual hitch in our road right now is a little number: 160/108.  High blood pressure.  Now, if he can't get it consistently under 140/90, he will be rejected by the railroad.  Lovely.  HBP meds are not the greatest meds to take.  They have lots of side effects...some are not so great.  So, if you would all be praying for Mark's blood pressure to just be from him being anxious, nervous, etc. and for it to drop and stay down that would be a huge blessing to us.  If he needs the meds, he needs the meds, but a 31-year-old should NOT have high blood pressure! 

Thanks all for your continued prayers!


BEK said...

Just a suggestion which I am sure you already know :) A diet of lots of water, fruits, veggies, and exercise- maybe walks with the preggo wife and kids!
Best of luck and prayers your way! I am so happy to hear about the job!!! Matt went through a stage of hypertension right after we got married (and we gained a lot of weight) and then during the time of moving to PA. We just changed back to our diet of decreased soda, lots of water, fruits, veggies, and upped his cardio and resistance training- weights down and BP is back down with no meds!!!

I know you know all this, but a little testimonial doesn't hurt I hope :)

Holly said...

SOOOO glad all of the other tests turned out perfect. I'll be praying like crazy for his blood pressure. Keep us informed!!!

Kelly T said...

I thought he and I were the same age... was I off?

Anywho, what I was going to say is that I don't know if Mark told you, but Ben has had high cholesterol for a few years now. A 31-year-old definitely shouldn't have high cholesterol... and does he do anything about it? Negatory... I think he still has the teenage invincible mentality.

Devion said...

Mark will be 31 in August. I was just rounding up a tad.

I CANNOT believe that Ben would have high cholesterol!!! He's so thin! Mark was told about 2 months ago that his BP was high, but he didn't do anything about it. Now, it might just bite him in the little booty! :)

laura said...

I was going to say he needs to focus on his diet and exercise over trying to destress. 160 is high for his age. I'm surprised. Good luck with all that.

VAN....Escrevendo para JESUS said...

Hi, grace and peace of the Lord.
I'm expecting your contact.
God bless.