Monday, July 12, 2010

The Changes Goin' On Around Here

Lots going on around the Vickers' house.  Some of the changes are more concrete than others.  Some are vague and frustrating.

First of all, the biggest news is that our house is now listed for sale on the 'ol housing market.  Big applause followed by silence.  No showings yet.  We know that God's timing is perfect and that all will go according to His plan, as it has all along.  We believe this full well.  WE'RE hoping that it will sell quickly, though, so prayers would be appreciated for patience and understanding of things no matter how they go.

A follow-up to my last post, Mark's blood pressure is under control and he has officially passed the medical half of the conditional offer.  Now, we're just waiting for the background check to be completed.  There should be no issues there whatsoever, it just takes forever.  I asked him if he had killed anyone, but never told me about it.  He has assured me that he hasn't.  :)

The more frustrating part of things is that we still don't know when he is supposed to start due to the background check.  It is really difficult to plan our lives when we don't have this information.  As SOON as we know his start date, we will take a trip up to our new town to scope things out, find a place for him to live, etc.  We can't very well do that until then.  We had planned to go this Wednesday, but we don't want to go up until we have a date that he would need to move in. 

Today, Cassie asked where we were going for lunch.  I told her home.  She said, "But your kitchen is all nice and clean!  You don't want to mess it up for people to come see it!"  Silly girl!  We can't eat out forever!

Well, that's about all of the excitement I've got for now.  No news on when Mark's going.  No showings.  Yeah, it's pretty exciting...

Thanks for stopping by and I'll update again when I have some INFO!

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BEK said...

I remember when Matt was living in Wtown and I started working in Manhattan, KS in April. I lived with my cousin for the first month and then moved into the apt below her the 5th of May. Matt didn't move up until mid June. It was surely a huge adjustment and yes when he moved up with our stuff we did have a few doubles of things :) towels, utensils, anda few pots/pans were our obvious duplicates :)

So glad to hear he has a job! Sad to hear you have to move away from family....welcome to my world :) It is a little bit of an adjustment- but you learn what you are made of and learn to make friends very quickly!! Praying you find a good church family quickly!!!