Monday, September 20, 2010

40-Year Legacy

The average length of marriage right now for my parents' generation is 24 years.  Saturday, my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary.  Sunday, we had a reception for them to honor their legacy of love, laughter, life, and family.  Sorry..."family" broke the alliteration.  :)  Anyway, it was a looooong week for me with the planning, preparation, and then actually pulling off the reception, but it was definitely worth it.

We started out with the reception as a surprise, but then my oldest brother, Derin, decided that mom needed preparation and time to shop for something to wear, etc.  :)  So, we told them about it.  What mom DIDN'T know is that my brother, Dustin, was going to fly in for the occasion.  Dad knew about this.  What neither of them DID know, however, is that he was bringing his littlest little angel, Kiera, with him.  She is 6 months old and therefore, free to fly.  We were all sad that his whole family couldn't come, but at 500 bucks a ticket, it wasn't possible.  We were all thrilled to get to spend time with him and sweet little Kiera.  They left to go back today.

The reception had a great turn out and we were so pleased that so many people came out to honor my parents and their 40 years together.  It is a huge accomplishment that has been done with prayer, committment, likemindedness, having God as a foundation, blood, sweat, and tears. 

Congratulations to my wonderful parents who have left a legacy for us to pattern.


BEK said...

Next time you see them give them both hugs from me! I learned a lot about their legacy growing up and spending time at their house hanging out with you!

Donna said...

Glad it was a success. Congrats to your parents.

TacoDave said...

The flights home were suck-tastic. But I'm glad we came. We had fun with you and your kids, sis!