Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So, we've hit full term with this pregnancy...well, as of tomorrow, that is.  HALLELUJAH and AMEN!  He is definitely preparing himself for the big event.  He has shifted into a different position to where I cannot see my belly button unless I lean waaaaay over.  That is different than yesterday.  Also, I feel a huge pressure/ache on the underside of my belly with this shift of distribution.  I feel like I would like to just set my belly on a shelf.  That would be helpful, I do believe.  :)  He still moves an incredible amount for a baby of this size.  They say that he should have slowed down by now due to lack of space, but he apparently didn't get the memo.  What can I expect, though, from a baby that I felt move for the first time at 13-1/2 stinkin' weeks!  He's a wild one!

I've been trying to prepare the kids...well, Cassie really...for the big day as far as different ways that it can happen.  I wanted her to be somewhat prepared in case my water breaks.  I told her long ago that he's in a swimming pool that is like a bag of water with him inside.  I have recently explained to her that it could break and all of the water would come out like it did when she came out of my tummy.  She thinks it's cool and I think she's hoping to see that happen.  I've told her that mommy might be in a lot of pain.  I've told her that she'll be with someone else (and have told her the options of whom she might be staying with depending on day or night, etc.).  I've explained that she might wake up to me gone, but that someone else would be here.  I've tried to cover as many bases as I could come up with so that she's comfortable with things.  Most of all, I've just tried to play up when she gets to come up to the hospital to meet her brother and that Daddy will be coming home again.  Those are the 2 best parts!  :)

Conrey is clueless and I feel sad that his little world is about to be turned upside down.  He is SUCH a mommy's boy and there is no way around the change that is coming.  I will just have to do my best to make it as smooth of a transition for him as possible (and for sister, of course).  He is not fond of sharing mommy with anyone at ALL, so it could be interesting!

So, he can safely come at any time and I will be more than happy for him to come sooner than later.  Be watching for updates that he's on his way!

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BEK said...

SO excited for you!!!! Can't wait to know when this little one arrives!!! Love ya!