Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Final Days of Pregnancy

So, as I explained before, I'm a bundle of emotions.  I have my good moments and my bad moments.  Church is sometimes pretty difficult because of all of the "well intentioned" people that make comments about how big I am, how I need to get that baby out, or "you still haven't had that baby?!?"  I know that they all mean well, but most of it is very counterproductive and/or discouraging when you're a blimp.  Today, however, was a good day for me.  I felt pretty decent and was able to smile and honestly tell people that I was doing well.  I was also able to let the comments roll off of my back without bothering me...both of those considerable accomplishments, I would say, at 38 weeks, 4 days pregnant!

As I approach induction day, I am also conflicted on wanting to pray that I go into labor beforehand and wanting to not go into labor beforehand so that Mark doesn't miss the big event.  From my 2 past experiences of natural labor and induced labor, being induced sucks big time.  I would say that the pain involved was about 300% more severe being induced than natural.  I always said that I would never, ever be induced again.  Never say never, right?  However, circumstances have changed my plan and my mind.  I want so badly to be done, but I don't want to wish or pray for that, because I feel selfish...that means that Mark would miss it.  It's a tough spot to be in.

Also, approaching labor and delivery, I've noticed a big change in my kiddos.  They are driving me nuts, actually.  Conrey has become aggressive and Cassie has become an emotional wreck much of the time.  She cries over anything and everything.  Conrey does all kinds of things to rial (sp?) her up and to destroy things.  It's been fun...let me tell ya......

Along with the emotions, sitting has become quite uncomfortable thanks to my iron intake.  I'll leave it at that. 

All in all, we're ready to be done...all of us.  We're ready to see Mark and we're ready to meet Keaton.  So, sometime within the next 5 days or so, we'll be holding him and loving on him.  Prayers are, of course, petitioned!  :)


Donna said...

Hang in there momma, your doing great.

Holly said...

Praying, Praying, praying for you sweet friend during this final hours & days!! Will look forward to hearing of Mr Keaton's safe arrival! Hang in there, you are doing an awesome job!

BEK said...

Praying that you go into active labor on your own at the right time for Mark to be here!!! I so hope things go smoothly and that the day of your induction Keaton just decides it's his day to shine!!!! Wouldn't that just be perfect timing after all of the whirlwind of this pregnancy and the experiences around it :)