Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3rd Post of the Day

[EDIT] Tally updated below
If you haven't read the 2 previous posts, you can catch up below. Sorry, I'm a posting machine today...just wanted to say that Cassie went pee-pee on the big girl potty! Here's our tally for the day so far:

Floor/Panties: 1 wet
Chair/Panties: 1 wet
Pull-Ups at Nap time: DRY!
Potty: 1 all by herself!!!
Booster Seat/Panties: 1 wet
Randomly standing in front of me peeing on floor: 1

1 comment:

Meshellyn said...

Ahhh, darn it. At least she's getting there! I'm sure not looking forward to this fun someday.