Saturday, August 23, 2008

Potty Training...the adventure continues

When last we left our heroine, she was in the throes (sp?) of an epic battle. She had been working undercover...following her subject, a 27-month-old female. She had watched the subject, Cassie, triumph and...well, not triumph throughout the day on Thursday. As she watched the child on Friday, there were lots of non-triumphant occurances and not so many (read that as "none") of the triumphant sort. Pretty much, Cassie did not put so much as a drip of the mystery fluid AKA tinkle into the potty. Our heroine felt defeated, frustrated, and down right exhausted after 2 days of toddler stalking along with preparing her humble abode for a showing (today at 11:30). Our heroine was about to give up on the mission when, lo and behold, when reluctantly put on the potty before bath time, Miss Cassie had a victory when she made a tinkle in the potty! Our heroine decided that maybe Miss Cassie DOES understand what she is doing and that this whole venture is worth it. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in Potty Training! :)

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Bek said...

I've been reading about the potty adventures, sorry I haven't commented yet! Hooray for Cassie! Good job! I know that will be a good feeling once she's done with diapers (and it will be easier on your budget I bet, too!)