Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just wanted to let you all know that my MRI came back as completley negative showing no damage! PRAISE GOD! Thank you for all of your prayers in this matter.

Yesterday, my brother, Derin, adjusted my ears when I was in Wichita. It hurt worse than about anything I can imagine happening to my head...it was pretty torturous. BUT, it has helped quite a bit. I have felt my eustacian tubes (the tubes going from your ears into your sinuses/throat area) draining and have had the pressure in my ears, sinuses, and head improve. The dizziness has been less, as well. SO, I think that we might have inadvertently found the answer. My dad said from the beginning that he thought it was inner ear related. I, personally, think that I have Meniere's Disease (or syndrome...it's labeled as both). This is way deep in your ear and can cause dizziness, pain/pressure, ringing/roaring, and/or loss of hearing temporarily. You can have some or all of the symptoms. I've had all but the loss of hearing. What makes me think it might be this in particular is that it is hereditary and my grandmother has it with the same symptoms as me. SO, we'll be checking into that. I would MUCH rather have something like this than brain damage, though! :)

Again, thanks for all of your prayers in this matter.


In other news: Mark had a very promising interview in Wichita yesterday. It was a 4.5 hour interview!!! They were squeezing 3 interviews into 1 so that he wouldn't have to come back since we're from out of town. Within 2 hours of him leaving the interview, they had called him back to see about him doing the next step, which is working 2 days for them. SO, he's waiting to talk to the temp agency that does that scheduling so that he can schedule a time to go down and do that. He really thinks that he'd enjoy it and it is evident that they are interested in him, so we'll see what happens. Prayers would be appreciated that: if we're supposed to move to Wichita, he'll get the right job and our house will sell at the right time. If we're not supposed to move, those things will not coordinate.

Thanks everyone!


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Glad you're doing well. On the "coordinating" front... we lived here for 3 months before our house sold. I wonder if we were supposed to move here. =O)

Meshellyn said...

Yay on both notes!!!