Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm tired. I have nothing intelligent to say. Is that a sign of exhaustion? Quite possibly. I really could use a break...even 2 hours to myself. *sigh*

My baby BABY sister moved to college this weekend. She is following in the footsteps of me, our brothers, our sisters-in-law, and many of you that read my blog by going to Oklahoma Christian University. I hope and pray that she has a fabulous year, as this is quite possibly her last year as a single woman. That, too, is overwhelming for me to think about. If you don't know, my sister is adopted. We picked her up from the hospital when she was 2 days old. I was just shy of 10, my oldest brother was just shy of 16, and my other brother was 13-1/2. Apparently, I blinked, because she's a grown woman now who is career-oriented, head-over-heels in love, and...well...amazing. She is one amazing girl and I'm not only proud that she's my sister, I'm proud that she's one of my best friends. *tear* My baby sister moved to college...

Today is Mark's birthday. If he was a computer person, I would give him a happy birthday shout out, but he barely knows how to check email, much less blogs. He's been sick, so it's been a crummy birthday for him. Birthdays aren't what they used to be, huh? :) Our birthdays are 2 weeks apart, so he's 2 years older than me for 2 weeks out of the year. I like to rub it in his face. This year, is a bigger deal, as he's 29...pushing the big 3-0! :)

Oh, here's something I didn't tell you all: I won my first ever bloggy give away from Jill at The Diaper Diaries! I'm pretty stoked...especially now that I've got the 2-year-old AND almost-3-month-old. I won this neat list thingie that clips on the shopping cart! It's called a list caddy. I think I requested green. I mean, what OTHER color is there?!? :) Green is my favorite. The funny thing is, it is also the favorite color of my mother, her only sister, and her sister's 2 daughters. We're kind of a green fam! :)

If any of you know Keith Lancaster of the good 'ol days of Accapella, we had an amazing worship service at church this morning with him leading singing. It was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I was at church with the kiddos by myself. Random thought, I know, but it was great!

Well, I sure have written a lot for not having anything to say. On that note, I'm outta here.

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Chelf said...

My namesake cousin moved to college this year. I know that "old" feeling. If you come to visit your sis at O.C., let me know. You wouldn't recognize the campus these days! So very different from when DH and I (and Dustin around the same time) was there.