Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And more updates

So, I cancelled Conrey's appointment.  My dad and brother both adjusted Conrey's neck and then my brother manipulated his ears and he has not been complaining since.  SO, the problem was either from his neck or the ear adjustment caused the fluid to drain.  HALLELUJAH!  They had adjusted him before, so I really think that it was the ear adjustment.  Let me just tell you.  An ear adjustment does NOT feel good.  Conrey didn't seem to even notice.  When I was having all of my dizziness, you may remember me talking about him adjusting my ears often.  It hurts like crazy, but is very effective.  He seriously didn't really even flinch.  Must be the fact that he's a tough boy and I'm a wussy girl.  No, I'm not being stereotypical, though I don't concern myself with such things.  I'm just stating that he is tough and I'm a wuss.

I am really feeling much, much better as far as my gallbladder is concerned.  God is good.  I was even able to eat a little, tiny bit of normal food yesterday and today.  WOO HOO!  Here's the bizzar-o thing.  My sister and brother-in-law both had attacks very similar to the one that sent me to the ER within 24 hours of mine.  Also, a few members of my brother's family have had some of the *ahem*issues*ahem* associated.  So, the question is whether this is truly gallbladder disease/stones or simply a virus that attacked that particular part of the digestive system.  I guess time and tests will tell.  All I know is that, if it is gallbladder disease/stones, I am doing well at the moment.  I have talked to many, many people that would have an attack or 2 and then go weeks, months, or years without any more.  I would be more than happy to be one of those "years" people if it is my gallbladder.  With the recent events and timing, however, I am skeptical of it truly being a reason for removal now. 

Let's see.  What else can I update about?  Well, we are now 9 months out with no employment for Mark.  May 1 was when he was laid off.  It is now February.  If you would have told me last May that he would still be "unemployed" by this date, I would have freaked.  You know what, though?  I'm not.  In Genesis when Abraham is taking his son, Isaac, to sacrifice him on God's command, Isaac asks "where is the lamb for the sacrifice, father?"  Abraham answers, "Jehovahjira."  This means "The Lord provides" or "The Lord will Provide."  All I can say about the last 9 months is, JEHOVAHJIRA!  The Lord HAS provided.  He has been truly faithful to us and we have not been in doubt...at least not for more than a moment at a time.  When the shadows of doubt have tried to creep in, God has shown us once more, Jehovahjira.  He has provided every single need and an abundance of blessings beyond our needs and wants.  He continues to bless us in some surprising ways that we never even dreamed of, and we thank Him often for knowing our needs and fulfilling them before we even think to ask. 

Pretty soon, we will have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old.  I cannot even fathom those numbers for our children.  Cassie is such a big girl.  She is very helpful and very nurturing to her brother.  As for my baby boy...not so much a baby anymore.  He is very independent, but then will run to me for a snuggle before going back to playing.  He keeps us laughing all day with his faces and vocabulary.  The other day, he came to where I was, pulled the back of his diaper down a few inches and said, "BUTT!"  Mommy does not say butt, so I know full-well where he got this from...daddy!

Well, I guess that's about it for this moment.  I hope that you are all staying warm in this winter, which is obviously great supporting evidence for global warming.  Yeah......... 

I pray for each reader of my blog that Jehovahjira will be very present in your lives and that He truly will supply your every need.  Blessings on this cold, snowy Tuesday!

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Holly said...

SOO glad Conrey is doing so much better! I know this has got to be a HUGE relief! Yay! Still praying for you guys and your employment situation. You're a fantastic example of faith and reliance upon God! Keep it up sister!!