Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Rooms in Pictures

Again, horrid quality pictures.  Sorry.  These pictures are random shots that I could get despite the chaos that was their rooms.  I was trying to get shots of the work we did without the mess that they had created.  :)

We did a really dark pink, light pink, and light green stripes in varying widths, which mimic her new bedspread as seen on her new big girl bed.  She got some princess stuff for Christmas including a big poster and a calendar...oh, and a clock.  The pic of her in her bed was the first night in her big girl bed and her room was not painted yet.  We also did glow-in-the-dark elements in their rooms.  In the picture with the white "C" you can see some faint stars on the wall.  Those are glow.  We did stars, a moon, and her name twice in her room.

For Conrey's room, we did circles that mimic his bedding and the colors were turquoise, a light turquoise, white, and brown.  I thought that it turned out pretty cute.  There is a picture with his "big boy" bed too, sister's old toddler bed.  The large white circles are the glow feature in his room.

Again, sorry that the quality and color are so awful in these pictures.  The more tan background is accurate for Conrey's room.  The reddish tone is awful, but I feel crummy and don't feel like editing.  Is that awful?  Oh, well.

There you go with the rooms.  The good news?  Conrey's bedding/room are the crib bedding, so that would match.  Cassie's crib bedding was in pinks, so it would go fine in her room.  Either way, we're lucky that everything will match and not need to be redone.


laura said...

Love the rooms. Especially Cassies stripes. Very cool.

Kelly T said...

Yeah, those pictures don't really do the rooms justice at all. They look really great!

Meshellyn said...

Looks like you put a lot of effort into their rooms! How fun and I'm sure they love them! I can't wait til we redecorate rooms and get to have pink walls around here :)