Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Poll: As seen on Facebook

So, if you're confused about the nature of this post, reference the one below.

Here's what we're wondering: Do we need to name baby #3 a 'C' name since we already have Cassie and Conrey.  We were never planning on a theme of that sort...the 2 names we liked just happened to be c's.  We don't want baby #3 to feel left out.  Mommy Pam...maybe you have some insight with your two c's and then Mel.  What does everyone think?  Comment me and tell me.  Also, send us some names that are unique that are c's or any letter until we figure out if we need to stick with it or not.

The girl name I like, strangely enough, IS a C.  It is Coryn (though I'm not sure on the spelling yet).  That is what I wanted to name Conrey if he were to be a girl.  Mark says that it's the best of any I've suggested, which indicates to me that he's not sold on it, but thinks that it's ok.

We're not into really popular names, so Chloe is out and so is Caitlin, Callie, and anything close to those names because we have neices with those names.

So, send me your opinions and thoughts on the matter.

My comments have been kinda sparse lately, so send me some love!!!

By the way, the hormones are kicking in at full speed ahead.  I feel CRUDDY!  I'm thankful, but that doesn't make the yucky feelings go away.  I'm not sure if I posted this on here or facebook, so I will just say it again.  When I was feeling bad Tuesday, I told Mark, "I did NOT sign up for this!!!"  Typically, when you're "trying" or even "not trying, but  not being careful," you kind of psyche yourself up for the possibility of having a stretch of time feeling yucky.  I had no time to prepare and I'm finding that I'm having a hard time to adjusting to it.  I'm trying to adjust mentally, emotionally, and physically to what is going on and it's a slow process.  I am starting to get pretty excited about it all, but that doesn't mean I'm prepared by any means.  :)

One more random tidbit before I end this.  According to the Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar (which is said to be over 90% accurate), we are having a girl.  It was correct with my other 2 pregnancies.  We'll see, but that is what we would prefer.  Of course, we'll love and cherish this little seasame seed (that's what size the baby has grown to this week--quite an improvement over poppyseed, I'd say) no matter it's gender.  We just would love to have a girl for a number of reasons.
1.  Cassie can sleep through ANYTHING.  I can go in, turn on her light, and hang up clothes and she nevers knows anything happened.  So, if it is a girl, the crib can go in her room.  If it is a boy, Conrey will have to move into the pink princess palace that Cassie's room has recently become.
2.  I think that it would help ease the middle child syndrome for Conrey.  Cassie will be the oldest, baby (girl) would be the youngest, and Conrey would be the boy.  That would be his "it" factor and hopefully alleviate some of that.
3.  My pregnancy with Cassie was so much easier.  She didn't drain me of iron like Conrey did.  It is said that your chances of anemia are much greater carrying a boy because they just require more.
4.  Girl names are WAY easier.  :)

I more current fear of this pregnancy.  When we were dating and first married, Mark wanted 2 kids and I wanted 4.  We compromised at 3.  I always teased him saying, "Well, God will just have to give us twins that 3rd time."  It was a funny joke then...not so much now.  I'm just being silly, you may think, until I point out that there are generation after generation of twins in my dad's family, not to mention the fact that my dad was an identical twin.  The weird thing is that none of my dad's siblings had any twins and none of my generation has had any.  So, either the gene died out or the anvil is going to drop on someone soon...  Oh mylanta...


D's Mom said...

I don't think you have to do a "C" name just because your other two are C's. Just my opinion.

I"m not familiar with the Chinese Gender Pred Calendar -- that's interesting!

I like Coryn.

Katrina said...

I don't think you HAVE to do a C, though I think it would be nice. For me- we have the same first letter for first and middle names. All four of us! :) And my reasoning to do the 3rd baby the same, I don't want her to question it later in her life "why am I different?"

Good luck! And congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's your belly pic as seen on fb? You have to share with your faithful blog readers! LOL, it really is a cute pic!
Love ya Devon!

By the way - I vote for Christian for a boy and Cadence (pronounced Kay*dance)
Becky B. in CO

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cadence for a girl. I didn't finish before I sent it. Sorry!

laura said...

I don't think you need to stick with C names at all. I actually really didn't want to go with a C or K sounding name for little Kiera but I like the name. :-( Oh well. Do what you want to do, kid-O. I really like the name Molly but Sharon stole it first. You could do that...