Friday, February 12, 2010

Tastefully Simple

Hello, faithful readers!  I just wanted to give an update about all things FOOD!  As you all know, I began a business venture in December and it has changed our lives in this short amount of time and I know that it is going to even more in the future!

How has it changed our lives?  Well, there are several ways.  First of all, I have been able to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and interact with ADULTS!  That has been such a huge blessing to me and I've loved every minute of it!  Also, Mark has taken on the responsibility of keeping the kids whenever I have parties.  They have had more time to bond and just have fun together.  It has been great for all 3 of them!  I have been making $$$!  That is a huge blessing!  So far, I've made around $1000 in just 2 months!  It's been a great adventure and it makes me feel so good knowing that I've found a way to help ease the financial burden!  We have, ourselves, enjoyed GOOD FOOD that doesn't take me all afternoon to prepare.  The name says it all, it is tasty and it is simple!

It has also been amazing for me to be able to introduce a product that I love to people that have never heard of it before, much less tried it!  This area is a pretty untapped market for Tastefully Simple, which started in MN and is still moving southward.  At my parties, I've had a total of 2 people that had ever had our products.  That is so exciting for me!  As we do our "moving buffet" I hear exclamations over how amazing my products are and it just excites me so much!  Food is what brings people (and families) together and when I'm able to be a part of that, it does my heart good!

I was inspired to write this post when I came across the post of a friend of mine that recently hosted a party.  It was awesome publicity for me SIMPLY BECAUSE SHE LOVES MY PRODUCTS...for no other reason!  I decided that it was high time I updated on how well this is all working out for me and how great the experience has been!

I started thinking about what a great opportunity this would be to share with someone else that is looking to earn money.  Seriously, it couldn't be easier.  They make it fool-proof to do a party.  They provide you every tool you need (except for motivation, which they DO provide if only you'll catch the bug) to be successful!  It is a cheap start-up at only $170 to start up and to do your first 4 parties.  It is an incredible opportunity and I would be thrilled to share it with anyone interested.

Finally, if you've never heard of Tastefully Simple and have never tried our products, I would encourage you to try come to a party or to order something and take a chance on it!  You won't lose anything, as our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  If you DO try something and you don't like it, I'll refund it and/or replace it with something else...hassle-free.

So, to sum up: I love Tastefully Simple and think that you will too!  :)

Oh, and thanks to MD for the awesome blog review!

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Bek said...

Hey there. Thanks for posting all the info about TS. It sounds pretty interesting!

I'm sorry about all of the anxiety and the findings with your appointment. It sounds like you're in a good place right now with it. I can't pretend to know what that feels like, but my heart goes out to you. I'm sorry Dev.