Friday, August 20, 2010

33 week doctor's appointment

So, I had my appointment today.  It was scheduled for 2:50.  I saw him around 4:45.  Fun.  I don't normally talk to the people in the waiting room.  Today was different.  I know about the due date, gender, and pregnancy complications of about 10 different women.  The girl that started the conversations was put it mildly.  We knew about every detail of her pregnancy including the fact that she's lost, LOST 45 lbs throughout the pregnancy. 

I finally got back there and as I'm waiting for the dr, start to feel the onset of a gallbladder attack.  Great.  When he finally comes in, we talk about my near accident at the beginning of the week, my gallbladder issues, and ongoing contractions, which have been really painful back contractions all day today with a few good belly ones here and there.  Anyway, he goes to measure me and his eyebrows go up.  He listens to the baby and then sits on his stool with his laptop to document.

"Well, you are pretty big..... *long pause*  I think that we've got a tall baby......  *long pause*  How big were your other 2?"

I told him 8 lbs and 8 lbs 9 oz., both 5 days early.  "What did I measure today?"

"A little over 37.  You're 33 weeks?"  I nodded.  "Well, I think that you're on track to have at least that big of a baby, but probably bigger.  I think he's tall." that point, I'm thinking to myself, "Is that like telling a girl that she's 'big boned?'"  From his demeanor and wording, it seemed that he was pretty surprised at the change.  I had been measuring 2 or so weeks big for awhile (down from 3 when we first started measuring).  That was just 2 weeks ago that I was 2 weeks big.  Now, all of the sudden, it's 4 and his measuring was accurate...he checked it twice.

So, now I have an explanation for why I feel so miserable and have so much pressure...I'm the size of a woman who is about to have her baby.  The joy of the situation is that I get to carry this guy for 6 or so more weeks.  Yipee....

But, he's healthy.  He seems to be happy.  He's being knit by the hands of the great creator.

So, though I'm feeling like this guy is ready to come out, I will be patient because I know that God is forming him just right in accordance with His design.

Now, if only I had a husband here.....  :)

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