Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nesting already?

I sure hope not!  I don't have the energy to do this for 6 more weeks!  I just can't sit still.  In fact, just taking a break to write this is killing me as I think about all of the things that I want to get done today.  What in the world?!?  For those of you who know me, this is not typical WHATsoever.  So, either I'm nesting already which will make for a really tiring 6 weeks or we're going to have a showing in the next few days and God is just putting a proverbial fire under my proverbial butt to get things in order.  Either way, I'm pooped!

We had a really loud, long thunderstorm this morning.  It was one of those where it is constant lightning and thunder.  I already couldn't sleep and then that lasted for over 2 hours (of when I was finally asleep, of course).  I wasn't nervous of it or anything...it was just loud!  At least the kids slept through it, though!  I think that I probably slept 3 hours total.

Add that to the cleaning/organizing/nesting and I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!

The kids are currently having a picnic on the livingroom floor watching Cinderella.  It is my all-time favorite Disney movie and they seem to be enjoying it quite a bit, though I don't know if Cassie's food has even been touched yet!  :)

Today is my hubby's birthday.  I wanted to say a thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that sent him cards.  He was overwhelmed and blessed by all that he's already received.  I hope that his mailbox is full again today!  As of yesterday, he had received 17 cards!

I haven't really said much about the kids lately that wasn't Daddy-related, so I'll leave with a little update on each of them:

Cassie is amazing me with all that she has learned lately.  She now sings the books of the New Testament and I am so, so proud of her!  She wanted to learn it and asked me to sing it several times.  Now, she does it on her own quite well!  She also has been doing memory work including John 3:16 (at church) and Phil 4:13 (at home).  She has a passion for scripture, it seems, and my heart could not be happier!  She starts preschool a week from tomorrow and is thrilled.  She is even willing to get shots just so that she can go to school!  She will be going to a Christian preschool and I hope that her love for letters, words, and scripture will be greatly nourished!  Oh, yeah, she has started sounding words out, too.  She read cat, dog, God, bat, and Keaton the other day.

Conrey amazes me often, as well.  He, too, sings the books of the Bible.  It is difficult to understand, but he is, indeed, saying them.  His favorite is to say, "PEEEETUH!"  You can tell by certain syllables of each one that he is doing his best to say the correct word.  He has started saying things like, "Sure," which I always think is cute.  He has become quite ornery and pesty towards Cassie and myself.  He tries to irritate her, that is for sure!  He'll grab 1 thing from whatever she's playing with and run off with it.  He'll come up and pull her hair and then run away.  Such a naughty little brother!!!  :)  The thing that we've had to work on lately, though, is that whenever he gets mad at me, he tries to hit or kick my belly.  He knows that I'm protective of it and tries to make me mad back!

Keaton is still "tall."  I feel like he might reach his little hand right out sometimes as he pushes and pokes.  Not my favorite feeling.  I have an appointment tomorrow where my dr will check me.  Not my favorite feeling either.  :)

Well, that's it on the kiddos, but I wanted to give a shout out to an ADORABLE baby boy that made his way into this world Sunday, Mr. Seth.  He is beautiful and has the sweetest dimples!  So happy for the Tysons on their new nugget!

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Will she be attending the same school as Lucas and Jason?