Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summertime Reds

I've got the summertime blues, but they're actually the summertime reds.  It is SOOOO hot that I find my face beet red quite often.  It is so hot that I don't want to go anywhere or do anything.  If it weren't for my 2 favorite munchkins, my fellow miserable preggo with her munchkins, and my mom, I would probably just hide in the house, thermal curtains drawn, laying around doing nothing 24/7.  It is miserable hot out there.  We were in this pool this morning.  I seriously doubt if either of us moved more than 5 feet in any direction the entire time we were in there.  We're both worn out and I feel like I swam laps in an Olympic-sized pool.  Seriously!  The heat is just overwhelming.  I've never handled heat very well in the first place.  Add the 50% extra blood pumping through my veins, the 30 lbs of extra weight strapped to my abdomen, and the record highs this summer, and you've got a preggo that is struggling to stay active!  I am just thankful that I have those motivating factors keeping me going, because without them, I might just be sleeping this summer away! 

I seriously do not remember EVER being as hot in my entire life as I have been this summer. 

So, in an effort to maintain my sanity and to stay as cool as possible, I'm asking all of you in bloggity land to share any cooooool ideas or suggestions.  Anything that you recommend for staying cool in the summer that is fun, tasty, etc?  Recipes are always welcome!  :)


Kelly T said...

I was quite anxious to read the "cool" comments... bummer that no one has risen to the challenge. We need your momma to make some of that awesome caramel ice cream dessert!!

BEK said...

The pool! Staying inside in the A/C! Ice cream- any flavor! :) Cool bath! Walking in the cold A/C in the mall!