Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Preparation @ 31 weeks

So, I've decided that I'd best start at least THINKING about preparing for this baby or he's going to sneak up on me and I'll have nothing done!  Luckily, I thought at the last moment...the morning Mark have him get the bassinet and bouncer down from where he had stored them on the ceiling of the garage.  WHEW!  Dodged the "baby has nowhere to sleep" bullet!  Today, I bought a couple of different types of pacis and I also found some 'paci wipes.'  I'm of the "take 5 pacies with you in case one falls on the floor" school of thought.  I DEFINITELY don't put the paci in my mouth to "clean" it.  I typically don't take the time to go wash the offended paci.  I typically just put it in the dirty bag and get a new one.  So, I think that the paci wipes will help.  Anyway, I picked out 3 different types of pacis.  One is "nipple shaped."  I thought that that  Couldn't they come up with some better explanation than that?  I hope and pray that this baby loves his paci as much as his siblings did.

I ordered my diaper bag this weekend and it is set to be delivered today!  I'm super excited!  With Cassie, I had a great, girlie, froo-froo bag.  With Conrey, we were on a VERY tight budget and I got one that was like $10.  This is a 2-in-1 bag with a diaper clutch and a paci pod.  I'm just so excited!  Since Conrey is still in diapers and needs a bag, the 2-in-1 feature should be quite handy!  I can't wait to get it, load it up, and have a convienent, handy bag!

I haven't purchased diapers yet, but can I get an amen to how precious newborn diapers are???  I am just so excited to compare them to Conrey's big 'ol 5's and just oooh and aaah over how tiny they are!  For my newborns, I am definitely a Swaddler's mom.  I think that they do the best and I think that they smell like baby.

Finally, I need to go through my clothes, figure out what will work and what won't for this baby, and get stuff washed.  Oh, and get the bedding all washed.  My good friend is being induced in 2.5 weeks and I need to see what things of Conrey's will work for her little guy.  Her boys and my boys are both opposite seasons.  That's what happens when you both have little surprises!

For me, I suppose that I will begin to make a list for my hospital bag.  It gets shorter and shorter with each passing kid.  I had a duffel bag with Cassie, a tote with Conrey, and I'll probably just take an overnight bag with a change of clothes and my PJs for Keaton.  All of that "fluff" stuff just gets left in the bag, it seems.  I will definitely be taking a picture of my hubby with me in case he doesn't make it.  I need him there in one form or another.  He'll probably have to labor with me on the phone if he's not there!  :)  Hair bands/clips, a brush, toothbrush/paste, shower stuff, deod, and make-up will probably about do it.  Oh, and mints.  I always bring mints for the people breathing in my face.  Not much is worse to me than being in labor and smelling bad breath!  :)

So, we're at 31 weeks and I've been telling Keaton that he is getting evicted as SOON as he's baked.  I'm trying to convince him that 37 weeks sounds pretty fabulous!  That would put us mid-September.  That would be great with me!  You can be assured that I'll be walking my little feet off, eating my "Go Into Labor Cake," and lots of pineapple (among other home remedies) as soon as September 15th (37 weeks) hits!

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