Monday, August 9, 2010

A bit of advanced warning

Mark's birthday is coming up Aug 24.  I was hoping to flood him with birthday cards.  Obviously, I'm not going to post his address online for the world to see, but if you would like to send him a birthday card, I will be more than happy to share his address with you.

In Mark news, he was on the locomotives for the first time today.  He learned a lot and it was very interesting.  He got to see them do some pretty cool stuff, too.  His left heel is really torn up from his new boots.  The right one hasn't bothered him a bit, but the left one has made him raw, bleeding, and in a lot of pain.  He HAS to wear the boots every day, so he's not sure how he's going to get it to heal up with the constant irritation.  He had the boot shop rework the back of it.  Since it was already injured, though, it still made it worse today even with the improvements.  If you'd pray for healing with that, I would appreciate and I know he would too!

Weekends are pretty rough for him right now being all alone and having nothing to do.  Saturdays stretch on forever.  If your hubby is a friend of his, a call on any Saturday might do him a lot of good.

Overall, he's doing great, though.  I'm so proud of my husband.  I know he reciprocates the feeling.  We're both in a tough situation right now and we've never felt closer, though we're 9 hours apart.  Thanks for the continued prayers!

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Holly said...

Hey Devon, Would you email me Mark's address? I would love to send him a bday card and some encouragement along the way. Will also be praying for his foot to heal quickly!! Hang in there friend!