Monday, August 23, 2010

A little reminder

On the way to church yesterday, God used the mouth of my 4-year-old daughter to remind me of His role in our situation.

Cassie: "Momma, so, Daddy is all alone up in Nebraska?"

Me: "Yes.  He misses us very much!"

Cassie with an ornery twinkle in her eye: "NO HE'S NOT!!!  God is ALWAYS with him!!!"

She was pretty proud of herself for "catching" me with this one.  I confirmed the absolute truth of her statement and reminded myself that indeed, God is not only with us every second of our separation, but His hand is orchestrating our future including when we'll get to be together again, when Keaton will be born, and when the move will happen.

Thank you, Lord, for using our precious babes as your best messengers!!!

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Donna said...

Kids are so smart.