Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Addendum to post below

If you haven't read my psychopathic ravings below, please do so. :)

I just wanted to mention something that I meant to do below (no, it's not about food), but forgot. I went on my first cruise when I was 12-ish. It was sooo much fun! It was 5 years before I got the chance to cruise again and needless-to-say, at almost 18, I had a blast with my brothers and their fiances, as well as my cousins alb (who is no longer alb, but rather alm, but that's still how her posts show up, so that's why I put that) and B. It's a whole new world once you're a teenager or older. It was a blast and I was deeply in love with cruising.

Fast Forward to a time when I had decided that I wasn't going back to Oklahoma Christian, but wasn't sure what I was doing. This was pre-Mark. I came across a job for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Well, seeing the obvious possibilites of free cruises and such, I jumped at the opportunity and became a reservations agent for RCCL. I LOVED the job, as they made it almost as much fun as cruising! :)

Long story short, if you ever are going to go on a cruise, I would LOVE to help you book it/plan it. I have the inside scoop on a lot of stuff about cruising and would love to help make your cruising experience just as great as all of mine have been.

That's all I have to say about that. :)


Chelf said...

Dear Devon,
I am thinking about a cruise for our tenth anniversary, which is Aug. of 2009. I want to go to Alaska, having heard that this is THE cruise to take. Have you any suggestions as to the fun-ness of this, and how to go about getting the best deals NOW, instead of waiting until next summer to plan (and pay) for such a trip?
Chelf wondering

Devion said...

DEFINITELY, you need to start booking NOW. You can book a cruise way ahead and shouldn't have to put down a deposit for quite awhile since the cruise is so far in the future. I would definitely go with Royal Caribbean for an Alaskan cruise, as I hear they have the most options and such as far as seeing Alaska. I would do the train that takes you into Alaska that is glass like 200 degrees of the view.

When booking a cruise, you ALWAYS need to mention if you've got someone that's been in the armed forces. You ALWAYS need to ask if there are "resident specials." Occassionally, they'll pick a cruise and say that everyone from MN, KS, NE, and AZ get a discount. Typically, the states are all grouped together, but you get my point.

Personally, I would ALWAYS get an oceanview stateroom. I KNOW you're not in your room much and to many people this wouldn't matter, but that is just my preference.

Another cruise that I would highly recommend would be the Fall Foilage tour. It takes you up the coast of New England and a bit into Canada to view the fall colors. You are within sight of the coast most of the time and I hear that it is beyond spectacular.

Hmmmm...OH! Since it IS your anniversary...As soon as you check in at the ship, I would ask (before you get your keys and such) if they have any upgrades since it's your anniversary. THEN, if they don't upgrade you, I would ask at the stewards desk in the lobby the first night (as you're leaving port) and then the next night. A lot of times they'll upgrade honeymooners and anniversaries.

OK...I've written a lot without much thought. I would be happy to tell you stuff again closer to the time, but I would seriously price cruises and put a free hold on one ASAP.

Devion said...

I thought of 1 more thing. If you are looking for a completely upscale way to cruise, Celebrity Cruises www.celebritycruises.com would be your choice. HOWEVER, I must warn you that you'll be with primarily middle-aged and above passengers and might not find a whole lot of other couples your age to hang with. Celebrity is really a cut above the rest, though, as far as elegance, class, and appealling to the more expensive taste. FAB-U-LOUS, but you won't find the goofy "get the whole ship involved" games and best man leg contests that you'll find on other cruises. :)