Sunday, February 17, 2008


It is a COLD day in February here today. This winter has been NASTY thanks to that "global warming..." Yeah, right. If this is global warming, then I would HATE to see global cooling. We'd never see our driveway again!!! We face north, so it is typically pretty yucky until we have a few days in the 50's and then it least partially!

I was a brave little soldier and got Cassie and myself to church in the midst of the blizzard that we had this morning. OK, it was not techniquely a blizzard, but it was a thick, blowing snow that was very brrrrr rabbit! Luckily, Mark's parents were behind me, so Mark's dad helped me get Cassie inside as quickly as possible. BRR! Makes me cold just thinking about this morning!

Here's the bizzare thing: It then warmed up to where the streets all melted. We get 6" of snow in the morning and then it warms up to mid-40's. It was really weird!

Let's see...kid news:

Cassie is upstairs having Personal Play Time (ppt). This is a fabulous little thing that I instated after seeing how wonderfully it works for my cousin, B, and her son, H. Basically, you gate or block the child in their own room with instructions to play...that's it. Obviously, I have made good and sure that it is a safe environment for her and I check on her often. It is great for both of us. It teaches her self-sufficiency and to stretch her own imagination and gives me a little break. Once Connery comes, we'll see about a little baby ppt. :) I think that it is a valuable thing to instill in her that all she needs is her toys and herself to have fun playing. PLUS, this will cut down on TV time. We've been doing this every day for almost a week and she seems to enjoy it now that she knows that I'll be back after awhile. I was thinking about setting a timer so that she knows when the timer goes off, mommy will be back, but she seems to do okay without it, so I'll save that for future usage.

Connery is continuing to be quite the active little guy. It is weird for me to finally have a name to call him! In fact, I still sometimes think "Keaton" and then have to change it in my head. I guess he's about a pound now and just over a foot in length from head to butt (called crown-rump length). He's been helping me to have some nasty heartburn and more throwing up, which I would be happy to do without, but on the positive side, my back has been much better lately. It still hurts frequently, but nothing like before, so I can certainly live with that.

Daddy has been at orientation all day for his new job. He should be calling soon to tell me that he's on his way home. I hope and pray that this is a fulfilling job that helps him feel successful and proud. Even though he has been feeling down on himself lately for not having enough work with his business, I've been sooo proud of him and know that he has been a great husband, father, and provider. We've never starved and in fact, we've gone out to eat more than we should. I know that it has been hard on him and I am glad that some of the stress will be alleviated now.

Well, I think I'd better go check on my princess. Don't worry, I type 80-90 words per minute, so when you see this long post and think that I've been away from her for a long time, it hasn't been nearly as long as you'd think. :)

I hope that you all are warm in this cold winter and that you have plenty. Let's pray for those who are cold and have need...and try to find some way to help.

Have a great Sunday evening and we'll "talk" later!


The Tajchman's said...

I didn't know it was called ppt. I initiated that a long time ago, and I feel like a bad momma too, though she hasn't the slightest clue I'm away as she's too busy with all of her toys. Over the past week though I've decided it is time to buy two baby gates. One to close her in her bedroom, as you said, and another for the family room as she is trying to get up the steps.

As for Mark, I do hope all went well today and let him know if he ever needs any small jobs I have a couple for him. We have a short in an outlet and another something little that needs fixed.

The Tajchman's said...

Oh and yesterday she started having momma separation anxiety, even when I'm standing two feet away and she's in daddy or someone elses arms. Good times. I hope this stage doesn't last long!

Devion said...

I've always had Cassie play on her own...this is just set, structured time. Also, I tell her the intention of "This is personal play time for Cassie to play in her room all by herself..." etc. It is just formalized and I set a distinct time. Otherwise, yeah, we had her play by herself for short periods of time since she was pretty little.

alb_78 said...

I think you look bigger than last week. Love ya

Bek said...

Wow! A lot of posts since I last visited! I don't have a formal time for Chloe to have PPT, but she gets plenty of it while we're home! As long as she can look up and make sure I'm still there, she's happy as a bird. Most of the time she's fine if she doesn't see me, but when I walk by her to go do something she freaks out thinking I'm leaving! She probably gets a total of two hours a day, about 15-30 minutes at a time while I get things done. I feel bad that it's a considerable amount of time, but they're all in short intervals and I'm always within earshot. I don't know what I'd without that time to get stuff done! I can't wait until she's old enough for me to tell her "It's Chloe time! Play with your toys for a little while!" Those days sound nice!