Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh, my!

Well, let's just say that Mark got things started a whole different way than I planned last night... Oh, my!

I have a "policy" of sorts that I do NOT open the door when I'm home by myself unless I'm expecting someone...someone I know. This part is sort of secretish, but Mark is selling his van. Well, there is a guy that wants to come look at it this afternoon. Great...come look...but I'm NOT going to interact with the guy. He thinks I'm crazy...some of you might too. Maybe I am paranoid, but I always live by the "better safe than sorry" motto. I just don't think that there is any reason to put myself in a situation that could be dangerous to Cassie, Conrey, and I. Do I think that this guy's an axe murderer? NO. Do I think that there have been people that respond to Craig'slist ads and get hurt/killed/raped? YES! So, why take the chance? If the guy could just come Sunday when Mark's here (or after 6:45 p.m.), then it would make me feel more comfortable and still let him look at the's TWO DAYS away!

Anyway, so this exploded. I mean, EX-PLO-DED into a whole thing about the cruise (he's all stressed about going and has had a bad attitude about it saying that if he could he would just not go), about the house (which was in GREAT shape, by the way), about the bills, about this, that, and the other. BUT, it was one of those where we 'discussed,' he stormed off to go get in the shower, and then came to bed and apologized and said he was trying to change his attitude and such and blah, blah, blah. It was one of those that needed to happen, but sure was gritty when it did. :)

So, after having this sinus stuff and then crying, you can imagine what my head feels like this morning...not so good. However, my marriage feels good and my family (Mark, Cassie, and I) feels good, so that's what matters.

Long story, short: Sometimes you just gotta get everything out so that you can make up and move on.

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Laura said...

Oh, I wish he could be excited about the cruise now too. I understand we were all a little stressed about it in the first place but I am so excited to go now! I am really excited to hang out with you guys so he should perk up so he enjoys hanging out with us, too!

Make that boy happy, Devon. :-) Ha.

Good luck! I'm glad things are happy right now.