Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Time for an update...I know...

Sorry for the delay of updates. Mark and I actually were really sick yesterday, though I had many things to e-mail.

Our party was fun, though Mark went to bed about halftime feeling really crummy. Us girls played games whilest the boys watched THE game (rather noisily at times...). :) The babies and kids were pretty good. Cassie and Austin (2 weeks apart) had a few issues. Austin was being pretty rough with cheek-pinching, hair pulling, and spitting. Cassie has 2 scratches on her cheek from the pinching...little stinker!

After everyone left, I did some babying of my baby (the big one...) and then let him sleep. Some time around 12-1, I woke up sick and it was all night and all day yesterday and yesterday evening that we felt cru-mmy! I don't know how he's doing today, as he's not up, but I feel quite a bit better.

I have a sonogram tomorrow. This is the take all of the measurements and find out the gender appointment. SO, we'll find out tomorrow if it's a boy or girl....no wait......we already did that in the ER. Just teasing! :) We WOULD just now be finding out, so I'm rather relieved that we already know. TOO MUCH STRESS! :) It's always good to see that little bun, though! :)

Cassie has been a wreck lately with bad sleeping and napping. Yesterday and last night, however, were much, much better. I did have to get up with her once last night. She stayed in her bed and was really trying to go back to sleep, but kept crying out. I went in, comforted her, and turned on her aquarium (Fisher Price or whatever brand that is) so that it would sing to her. That was all I heard from her except for coughing. Poor thing is STILL coughing!

Speaking of sleep...my little one is DEFINITELY growing up! This morning at about 7:45, it was NOT Cassie that woke me up, but rather this loud 'ol thunderstorm we're having. I then heard a little noise from her room and went to investigate, only to find her quietly reading books! What a big girl and what a treat for Momma!!! I thought that it was so sweet!

Something that she's doing these days that I think is more weird than sweet, is that she now calls the baby, "Baby Brudder Jesus." If I tell her it's not Jesus, she gets mad. After loving on him, she puts my shirt back over my belly and says, "Bye Bye, Jesus." Oh, brother...literally!

Well, that's all I've got for ya for now! I will be out of town Thursday morning through Saturday night, so I'll try to find time to write a little something before I go or while I'm there (if we have internet access). You all have a great day and stay warm wherever you are!

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