Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good Day...

So, it's been a good day. It started out with a family outing...we went to Gordmans. I got 2 cute maternity tops and an outfit for Cassie. Mark got 3 shirts. Oh, I also got a wedding gift for my cousin. Then, we went to lunch at a local place called Winsteads. It started with steakburgers in 1940 and they've scarcely changed a thing decor, menu, or service-wise. We love it.

I've been preparing for our trip that we leave on tomorrow. It's a lot to think about when your head is foggy from being all pregnant-like! I had to stop midway to get showered and such for my sonogram appointment. It is confirmed that we have ourselves a little mister. In fact, the very first view we got was of him with his legs in the air showing off...much the same as my ER visit when that was all the sonographer could get practically! Everything with him looks perfect and we are on track for June. He is measuring about 2 days bigger than my dates, but that is normal for us Dopps babies...we run big! :)

Finally, Mark got a call from Home Depot where he was interviewing. I don't remember if I blogged this or not, so I just will for the sake of keeping everyone up to speed. They hire 1 master tradesman for each trade (electrical, plumbing, etc.) to be...basically the section expert. They said that they would like to offer him the position and asked if he could go up to the store at 7:15 this evening for negotiations/paperwork/drug testing/etc. This will be a Tues-Sat; 10-7 job. The hours are less-than-desirable, but we're hoping that this can be a foot in the door to get a position at a store closer to home with better hours. So much for family dinners those 5 nights, but we'll adapt and it will be good to have steady money coming in every month. Also, the benefit of those hours is that he can work for his clients on Mondays and do bids in the early mornings.

The one thing that I keep forgetting to blog about that is NOT good...remember my rant on my love affair with Zesto...the ice cream place in South Dakota? Well, this weekend we're going to South Dakota. We'll be home Sunday...the 10th. My aunt e-mailed me and told me that they're opening early this year.....................FEBRUARY 19TH (or there abouts)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH! I about died when she told me this! Seriously!!! Come on, Rick (the owner), just give me a little Zesto while I'm there...I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that's all I know. I'll keep you all updated with Mark's job situation and all of that. Everyone have a fabulous weekend (if I don't update before we leave) and stay warm!

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