Monday, February 11, 2008


We're home, things are good. I don't really have anything too exciting to write about, but thought I'd let you all know that we are home safe and sound.

I guess I did have an unusual experience today. I went to Dillon's at like 5:30 p.m. When I walked in, I noticed that a lot of people were standing around and that the cart area was full. Weird. I then proceeded in my normal pattern, towards the produce. This is where the weird became extreme and sort of creepy in some ways. Almost everything was bare. Everything was cleaned out. The produce, the eggs, the milk...bare. The sign at the front of the store then registered in my head. It said that the store was closing down at 6:00 p.m. on Feb. 11. Whoa. I noticed that the floral department was empty, the video department, the meat, seafood, deli, Chinese, and bakery...all barren. It was just strange. All 3 Dillon's in the metro were bought out by Price Chopper. I actually knew this already, but didn't know when the change was to occur and didn't realize just how quickly it would occur. It just felt eerie/creepy walking through a partially empty store.

Well, that's my story. I hate Price Chopper, by the way...I'm sad. Oh, well. Life goes on. :) Hope you all had a great weekend. I'll update more on ours when I think of what to say about it. :) G'night!


Bek said...

Aww...I'm sorry you hate Price Chopper! The only reason I like it is because the owner of Cosentino Price Choppers (Mr. Cosentino) is a regular customer at Sonic...and he remembers me from WAY BACK when I was 17 carhopping at Sonic! The fact that he's a great tipper doesn't hurt either. I'm probably biased because he's such a nice old man.

We also have a friend who works in a factory where Price Chopper's meat is manufactured and packaged, and she said she won't buy meat anywhere else, because PC has the cleanest meat (she's worked at other factories.) So there's my two cents. I'm probably just blinded by the nice tipper!!!

Holly said...

Ok, so the Dillons RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from us just closed too and I am NOT very happy about it. In fact, I would say I am in mourning over it. While, I didn't do my MAJOR grocery shopping there, I went there for small trips, things I had forgotten, etc. It was so convenient and I was there at least once or twice per week. Now where will I go?? It literally was within walking distance from our neighborhood and just so handy. Anyways, enough about that! Suffice it to say, I am not happy about this!