Tuesday, February 26, 2008

NEW FEATURE: Random Question of the Week

OK...I'm going to try this. I am stealing the feature from a fellow blogger, but I think that it could be fun. Hopefully, by reading her blog, it will remind me that I need to put up my random question of the week. :) No pressure, Tawnya! :)

If you could be any living creature for a day, what would you choose to be, what would you do, and why? OH, and just to make things a bit easier, you're guaranteed to live through that day. :)

I would be a flying bird of some sort...maybe a little finch or something cute and twittery like that. However, I'd want to be a bird with a lot of flying power and stamina, because I would spend my whole day flying. I would soar and swoop and see the world from a whole new perspective. I might even find a few people that I feel I need to poo on for some reason or another. I imagine being a bird you'd see lots of injustices that maybe a little birdie doo would rectify a tiny bit. :)

OK, you ALL comment now and tell me what creature you would be. It can be mammal, reptile, fish, etc. Heck, you can even be a plant if that gets you excited and dreaming. :)


laura said...

Okay, sometimes I have too much energy but I'm not in good enough shape to really run for a long time. It would be nice to be some kind of big Cat, like a cheetah, so I could really run! Sounds like a great stress releaver, doesn't it, to just run and run with all the muscle and endurance of a cheetah. Yeah. :-)

Devion said...

The deleted post was just a double posting by my overly energetic Sister-In-Law, Laura. :) Just so nobody thinks I deleted something good! :)

Meshellyn said...

I have been thinking about this all day and no matter what I come up with I keep coming back to a bird too. They just have such a different viewpoint of the world and to be able to fly! I want to be a bird, hands down!

tawnyamarie said...

I like the flying/soaring concept. To put a slightly different spin on it, I'd choose a butterfly. I could hang out in the most beautiful gardens, play with some kittens, and land on the shoulder of someone who really needs a lift.

My next option would be a dolphin. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins and that would be one way to do it. Plus I could explore the deep blue sea without, well, dying.