Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Blahs...

I feel like I have the blahs. It is probably only because I am sleep deprived. I didn't get to sleep until well after 1...probably closer to 2 this morning and then Cassie woke up at 5:20 and then 6:45ish for the day. Then, she only took an hour and a half nap. So, that's probably the cause of my blahs, but I've got them. I was okay when I went to sleep, so that is why I feel that the lack of sleep is the culprit.

Anyway, we're thinking about selling our Kia Sorento and buying a used vehicle...possibly a mini van. I'm not sure how I feel about this, except for the fact that it will cut our car payments by over half. We're trying to climb out of debt. Speaking of which, congrats to Laura and Dustin (my sis-in-law and brother) for paying off their debt!!! I'm now envious. Most of our debt is due to Mark's business, which to me makes it valid debt. I know there are people out there who say "NO DEBT!" However, I really feel like starting up a business means going into debt at the beginning, unless you wait until your 50 to go into business or you have an uncle that dies and leaves you thousands of dollars. Anyway, so we have debt...we've got a plan to be rid of large portion of it by the end of this year, but there will still be more debt to pay that we'll hopefully have paid off by the end of 2008. SO, if we could take our car payment from $255/mo to $100/mo or less, that would be $150/mo more that could go towards our debt.

HOWEVER, here's the bonus. Mark is selling his drumset. This is a HUGE deal for him to be selling it and it is a huge step of maturity that he's made the decision. There are a few other smaller things that we're interested in selling as well...a 29" TV, a dvd player, possibly an aquarium. The drumset should sell for around $1000. We figure with all of it, we might get $1200-1500, which would be a nice down payment for these older cars that we're looking at, which would make our payments down to like $75/mo-ish.

I have no idea what's in store for us with this, but we're just trying to make wise decisions that will help us get out of our debt quicker. I'm not sure that this is the right way to go, as an older vehicle could mean more issues...we'll just have to see what happens.

Oh a completely separate note...I think that we're officially done trying for now. I got to thinking about something and it's a good thing I did. My sister graduates in May. Can you imagine how awful that would be to be due right at the time she graduates?!? That would certainly not be fair to her and I don't want to cause chaos in the family. I've made this decision completely selflessly, so I think that it is a wise one and will only bless us in the long-run. Who knows what God has in store for us (well, He does, obviously, but you know what I mean), but I know that "all things work for the good of those who love Him," so I'm just trusting in that. Oh, and I'm okay with this in my heart. I actually feel good about this decision. I guess that's what happens when you "let go and let God," neh? Besides, am I REALLY ready to look like this again?!?

Well, Cassie is saying in her own little way, "MOMMA!!! I'm done eating!!! Come get me!!! If you don't come get me I'm gonna get really, really mad!!! COME HERE!!!" So, I guess I better go rescue her. I hope that you all have a fabulous day and I hope that the "blahs" are not internet contagious! :)


Mommy Tike said...

Congratulations on the plan to get out of debt! We definitely have a number of things I wish we would sell to make some extra cash to pay things off... a motorcycle, an extra vehicle, and lots of smaller odds and ends. Unfortunately I have a list a mile long of things I'd like to buy for our new house.

And good thinking about your sisters graduation. But who knows, now that you've officially stopped, it may just happen! Oh, and you won't look exactly like that picture... you'll look like that picture but with crayon red colored hair :)

Holly said...

I missed seeing you at church on Sunday! I hope you are feeling a bit better. I'm sorry you have the blahs. If it makes you feel better, I've been in a bit of a funk too. Hopefully we'll both be out of it soon! Take care of yourself and talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention, Devon. We're, of course, really excited about paying off our credit card debt but we are deffinatly not out of debt. Our car will be paid off in September but then we have a few thousand in medical bills left after having Callie and then on to the student loans which have been on forbarance for years, growing bigger with interest.

Maybe we can start saving for a house now though. :)

Good luck with the money stuff. I understand it is not fun.

I'm glad you are okay with your decision to wait on the baby making. I wouldnt want you to be depressed about it.