Thursday, August 30, 2007

*EDIT* For those of you who read my brother's blog, no, he's not really the new Slim-Fast spokesperson or whatever he said...weirdo. He DID get a great new job, but I'll let him blog it OR, Laura, you can post it on here as a comment and I'll put it as a post. YAY for my brother!!! Also,'s good to have you back. I thought maybe you were boycotting my blog or something! :)

I DID hear my brother's great news, but thought I'd wait until he posted it on his own blog before putting it on mine. I'm very excited for you all, though...

So, I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. I had a migraine yesterday, so that wasn't fun. Cassie and Emberley were both a little high strung, so it was a bit overwhelming with the headache. Michelle got off work early and I was quite delighted. No offense to Emberley, but once she picked Emberley up, I made Mark take Cassie and I rested. :) I wouldn't just leave Mark with Emberley on his own. He's capable, but they didn't hire Mark to watch her...they hired me. :)

Today, I've got to get my house looking spick and span. Some of Ben and Tracy's family is going to stay at our house when their little man arrives, so I need to get things "company ready." Plus, I need to get some food for like breakfasts and stuff.

So, that's my story. Boring, I know. Hope you all have a good one...


Cami D said...

Is Dustin's big news really about Slim-Fast? That sounded odd enough to maybe-actually be true. I still never know quite how to take him--seriously funny & a little wacky.

Joe actually went to South Dakota yesterday without me. He went to a small town around Redfield, I think. He took his Dad with him (not Joe's ideas, but Daddy needed to keep his thumb on this project) to pick up some cows that they bought up there. I really wanted to go, but it just wouldn't work out now. They should be home sometime this evening. I am going to town today, since I won't have to be here for lunch. Aaahhh.... freedom!
I am getting ready to have company over this weekend ... dove hunting season opens Sep. 1. So, I am getting the nooks and crannies. JJ got his first shotgun this month. He plans on hunting with them this year. He is so excited and I am so nervous! I will be going with them too. Well, here is #9 for the random things you never needed to know about me. I am a good shot with most guns. I love to shoot targets and even animals. I've shot a deer (it was hit by a car out front of my driveway, but wasn't dead) more rabbits than I can count, dove and birds and even a coyote. The dogs had it cornered and Joe had just had his hip replacement-in a wheelchair b/c he couldn't even walk. I used the 357 magnum, a hand gun that looks like a gun-slinger's with the barrel that spins. I was still in my robe--it was 7 am, OK?!!? I had to lean out over the porch railing-staying somewhat protected up there, aim down the house, then call the dogs so I didn't accidentally hit one of them. I shot it twice and it ran around the house and died in the trees. I have such a competitive nature that I target shoot with anyone that is up for it. I know that I am not like a sharpsman or anything, just better than average.
Well, have a great day. I am gonna go get myself ready for a day in town.
Oh yeah, have any of you heard about the goings-on in Hutch lately? The bomb threats and such at Dillons? Want you all to know that I go there quite frequently for groceries. Not sure I want to now.

laura said...

I heard that on the new this morning, Cami but I heard they are calling in the same threats all over the US. They called one in to a Safeway in Sandy, OR yesterday. Sandy is about a 10 min drive from Gresham where we live. It makes me feel safer, like it is just punks faking, when they call all over the US.

Dustin's new job is in Marketing for the Oregon State Bar. He will blog about it, I'm sure but he is telling his boss at IKON today and probably didn't want any of his employees who read his blog to hear first. The thing is, IKON loves him and was going to promote him this week too. It was a good thing that he had these two good job opportunities but they happened at the EXACT same time. Luckily the Bar came through first. He will be making $7/hr more than what he was with IKON. This new job uses his Journalism skils and degree. It is totally a career job which he hasn't found to this point.

That's all I'll say about it for now. I'll let you cut and paste his blog comments here. It will be more intertaining than my boreing facts. :)

YAY, Dustin!