Sunday, August 5, 2007


I wanted to talk about a suggestion made by my friend, HB. I LOVE the suggestion. Read it and then I'll tell you my problem.

"...Here's something that works for me...EVERY NIGHT before we go to bed, my hubby and I go thru the house and pick up whatever is left out and not in its rightful place. Anything we've used or brought home or new mail, whatever, that hasn't made it to its designated spot, gets picked up before we turn in for the night. This helps us in a couple of ways...1) When we get up the next morning, we start a new day with a fresh start, a picked up & clutter free house. Thus we are not starting our new day already behind. 2.) By doing this EVERY day we stay on top of the messes and clutter and it rarely gets out of hand. It only takes us 10 mins each night instead of over an hour once a week. This makes it more manageble for us in our busy lives. 3.) My house is usually always presentable this way. I don't have to worry if someone just drops by and excuse the mess that they are walking into. My toilets might not have been cleaned in a couple of days, but at least the "stuff" around our house is picked up and things are not strewn about. Anyways, obviously adapt this to your lifes and what works best for you. Maybe its picking up during kids nap time AND at night. So, that's my little tid bit of what works for me. Hope it helps someone!!" -HB

Here's my problem...I have a lot of stuff that does not have a "spot." How do you go around and put everything in its place when some things do not have a place? *sigh* I would love to have my house look like HB's...her house always looks perfect. I know, I know, you're already disagreeing, but I think that it is probably true. So...if anyone (including you H) have any thoughts on this...SEND 'EM MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Holly said...

Getting started with this process takes just a bit more time, than once you have the routine down and things figured out. I should have mentioned that in my first comment. Sorry about that. In your situation, you need to take just a little extra time each day and organize your "stuff" in order to find places for it. Do NOT let it overwhelm you, just do a little each day/night/nap time. I don't know what particular stuff you don't have places for, but when you go to pick it up, decide right then and there where its "home" is going to be and stick to it. Try to make it as logical as possible (ie, a basket by the fridge or in your recipe box; a "in" box, a "to pay" file folder, etc. once they are paid, move them to the trash ;) or to a "paid" file folder; toys--find homes for them in bins in kids rooms/closets or play rooms, if the toys don't fit in the bins or room--get rid of some! Iron & ironing board, in the laundry closet. and so on and so forth) Again, I have NO idea what kind of stuff you need places for. I'd be glad to help or suggest ideas, if you need more specifics. Just try not to get overwhelmed, as I mentioned before and do a little each day. Each night start by putting away all of the things that have homes, then move on to 1 or 2 items that need a home. Pick a logical and organized location and you've conquered a couple straggle items in no time. By the end of the week, you'll have made great head way! Let me know if you have any other thoughts of questions. This by no means, is a "have to do it this way or else" type philosophy. Adapt it to work for you and your life! Hope this helps Devon!

Holly said...

One thing I forgot...I DO allow myself ONE pile of stuff that doesn't always get put away. But even that 1 pile has its a basket...and gets cleaned out weekly. Sometimes there are just really random things that don't need a permanent home (a wedding invitation that needs a response, or an article I want to re-read in the coming days, etc). These things go in the basket, so they at least LOOK orgainzed. Then if someone drops by, I can always stick the basket in the closet if need be and pull it back out after they are gone. Also, as I mentioned before, I go thru this basket about once a week and clean out the stuff that is no longer needed. That might help eliminate some of the pressure of having homes for EVERYTHING :)!