Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hair update

So, I tried the dish soap, much to the horror of my mother. It did tone it down a tad (my camera is being screwy, though, so I can't get a pic), but it is still pretty vibrant. I think that I'm going to keep it up with that, then normal shampoo, then extra conditioner each time I wash it for the next couple of days and see what happens.


Bek said...

Wow!! You tried it so soon? I guess with dying your hair a darker color, it's not as harmful (if any) as lightening it. So I guess washing it so soon isn't harmful. I'm glad it did a little something to it, but I was hoping for more of a kick in the pants for the crayon red! But, even if you can't get the brightness out, like Laura said, it's cool to be a red head once in your life!!

Devion said...

Yeah, I tried washing it soon so that perhaps the color wasn't quite so set in....:) However...wait for my next update...there's more to tell!!!

Holly said...

OH Devon! Bless your heart! I am so sorry that your hair turned out this way! That is not good, not good at all! I LOVED Laura's comment; however, putting into practice is a whole 'nother thing. That is not something I'm very good at AT ALL. I try to be better, but it just doesn't work very well. Anyways, I hope all the remedies are helping. One thing is for'll have something to look back on in life and laugh! Oh and 1 more thing, actually kind of ironic...I was at Jagged Edge Salon yesterday getting my hair done by Tara B. and she mentioned that she hadn't seen you in ages. Little did we know you were being your own beautician these days :). Hang in there my friend! You're beautiful no matter what!