Thursday, January 17, 2008

Complain much?

I know you all must think that I'm a big-time whiner. Those of you who know me best, may agree. Either way, I have more complaining to do, but I feel like it is liget (how do you spell that?) to complain while I'm in true agony in this pregnancy. So, you all know that I've been having hip problems on the left side. It has been constant since about 6 weeks of pregnancy. Last night, it started in on the right side. The previous issue had been disabling enough without adding the second issue. Enter BOTH sides having knife-like pains and my right shin throbbing, and you've got misery. Bad enough. You know what makes it worse??? Falling down the stairs. That's right...I fell on the stairs today. I am sore from midback all the way down to my knees (and then there's that right shin). I can only make 2 guesses as to why this pregnancy is really, really trying my patience, nerves, strength, etc.: 1) Satan is really after me right now or 2) God is trying to change my heart to only wanting 2 children instead of more. Either one, I'm not real fond of. I guess we'll have to see what the future holds for us. One thing I know for SURE is that it has definitely convinced Mark that we should be through and at this point, I'm not okay with that...

Here's another thing that makes this all such a struggle for me. I always try really, really hard to not be one of "those" patients to my various doctors. Well, let's this pregnancy, I've already been to the ER twice, had nurses calls 3 times (once was an insurance matter, though), and feel like if I contact them more, they'll think of me as one of "those." I hate that. After all, I am paying them, so I really shouldn't worry about it, but I do. I didn't really feel the need to call today after falling on the stairs, as I landed right on my butt and it wasn't a violent like bounce/fall thing...just a straight bam. So, I didn't call. Such pride issues....

I think that Cassie is really working on her 2-year molars. Bad time to start weaning from the paci where she can only have it to sleep. She's been really, really fussy and all she wanted for dinner tonight (at her request) was ice. FUN... I said, "Is your mouth ouchy?" She said in a very pitiful voice, "Yeeeeeeees." I prodded around and asked her where and she was actually able to tell me where it hurt (the right side). It gets soooo much easier when they can communicate their complaints! We did some Orajel, but then she was mad that she only got that tiny bit...she wanted more. Oh, brother.

Today is Cassie's 20-month birthday. Don't 2 years, I'll stop with the month stuff. I am just having a very hard time believing that in 4, short months, I'll have a 2-year-old and 1 month after that, I'll have a 2-year-old AND another baby! Shouldn't we all still be back in high school or maybe college? It just seems like I'm not OLD enough or ADULT enough to have these kids! Anyone else feel this way? It's weird!!!

My brother posted yesterday or the day before about bathroom issues. He was talking about how awful it is for guys to have to go with no privacy and such. You should read his post and the comments, as I thought that it was all rather amusing.

Can you tell that I'm just sitting here typing whatever comes to mind? This is what happens when your back hurts and you don't want to move. You just sit and ramble and other people later sit and read what you wrote...silly people!

OK...I'll cease for now. You all take care and stay warm! If you live here, be careful out there...I hear that the roads still aren't that fun.

I'm gonna play a mindless game now. Good night.

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