Sunday, January 13, 2008

One of those days?

So, I woke up this morning thinking that it was going to be "one of those days." When trying to get out of bed, I couldn't stand on my hip. After much deep tissue massage and some urging from myself, I finally regained the ability to bear weight on that leg and made it to the bathroom...only to throw up a bunch. MAN, I love being pregnant! UGH! However, the day improved from that point on and it is now 5:15...almost time to go to our LIFE group (Bible study group). I have felt better the rest of the day and have just had minor limping and soreness from the waist down to my toesies. 'This too, shall pass...'

I know, I know...all I do is brag on my kid. Sorry, but this is my best venue to brag on her. She did 4 things this weekend that I found hilarious and/or amazing for her to do at this age. Here they are:
1. Bath: She was in the bath Friday and had a bowl and cup. She was pouring water from the cup to the bowl. Just to see what she would say, I asked her what she was making. I wasn't looking for an answer besides maybe 'water.' She said, "Tookies!" I said, "Cookies?" She said, "YEAH! Chooooo-colate tookies!!!" HA! I didn't think that she would even know what I meant by the question and she comes up with chocolate cookies! That girl!

2. Baby: Today, she had her cup and was drinking water. All the sudden, she came up to me, lifted my shirt to reveal baby brother and put the cup up to my belly button. She decided that brother was thirsty and hungry. She wanted to go get food to feed him and was really mad that mommy wouldn't let her! She's gonna be a great big sister (as long as she doesn't feed her newborn brother)!!!

3. Grilled Cheese: We were eating at McAllister's. She had a grilled cheese, chips, and Teddy Grahams AKA cookies. She really wanted those cookies, but mean 'ol mommy took them away and told her she had to eat this, this, this, and this (pointing to the 4 sections of her sandwich). As QUICK as her little hands and mouth could accomplish it, she picked up each piece, took a bite, put it down, picked up the next, etc. and then said with a full, full mouth, "Tookies?" I could not help but laugh at her ingenuity. Of course, I gave her 2 little Teddy Grahams and then told her she must eat MORE of the sandwiches besides just 1 bite. We alternated sandwich with 'tookies' for the rest of lunch.

4. Precious: Finally, she woke up grumpy, grumpy, grumpy in the car and was just a mess. She was hollering for her cup, so Mommy (who was driving) managed to find it and get it to her. She gulped and gulped and gulped, took a huge, deep breath, and in a very breathy/airy voice said, "PRECIOUS.............." and then sighed. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!? :) :) :)

She is definitely one of those kids who is going to keep me on my toes! Daddy and I are pretty sure that she is going to be the ring leader in all kinds of trouble with baby brother (Keaton?) and any to follow. Oh, my...

Well, that's all I've got for today. Hope you all are doing well, keeping warm, and have a great day or evening or whatever...depending on when you read this.

D. Vick...OUT!


Bek said...

WHOA...update galore! I had a fun time reading about Cassie and her never-ending learning endeavors!! She's so smart, and such a cutie pie! I can't wait until I get to see her again!

I don't quite have a full understanding: Are you doing daycare right now? I read from one post down there that you didn't that day, but then I read farther up and it sounds like you're not doing it at all right now. Did I misunderstand?

Anyways, awesome updates! I hope you feel better! And, by the way, Keaton is pretty darned cute!

dev said...

I AM doing daycare...just not 5 days. Typically 3 days/week.