Thursday, January 31, 2008

Potty Training Hiatus

So, we've avoided the potty since the "incident." I'll say, "Do you want to go pee pee on your potty?" She immediately answers "NO!" I figure that that is okay. In the big scheme of things, it would be a whole lot easier if she were still in diapers on our cruise, you know? :) I know that sounds lazy, but it would be!

Nothing too exciting is going on here, so I don't have much to blog really. Cassie is watching Strawberry Shortcake. If we don't get her another SS DVD soon, I think I'll SCREAM! We watch the same one over and over, but she LOVES it. SO, I usually find things to do while she's watching it so that I don't have those songs stuck in my head quite as badly.

I don't think that I've mentioned on here (or maybe I have) that I'm going to South Dakota next week on Thursday. That's where my mom is from and where all of her family still lives. We'll go to Souix Falls on Thursday and then on to Pierre (prounounced like 'pier') on Friday. Our cousin, Becky, is getting married on Saturday. I haven't been up to Pierre since my cousin, B's, wedding, which was, if I remember correctly, 4-1/2 years ago. I only wish that it was summer so that I could have my Zesto. :) :) :)

We are having a SuperBowl party here. If you live in the area and want to come, you're more than welcome. We're doing finger foods. If you think you'll come, call me and we'll talk about it. It was a very last minute thing (happened at like 6 p.m. last night), but it should be fun. We can shut the boys in the basement where they won't bug us and we girls (that don't care that much about the game) can be upstairs and can play games or something.

Well, I don't have anything else. Sorry, I'm boring. Hope you all are staying warm. It SURE IS cold out there! Take care and we'll catch 'ya later.

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Cami D said...

You had to know this was coming--what are you fixing to eat?
I was browsing, looking for recipes for the game. I found several that look really good. I sometimes turn finger foods into meals around here, so I am always curious what others make.