Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Social Suppers

So, I'm going to Social Suppers on Saturday with some girls from church while the hubbies watch the kids. I'm really excited. PLUS, if we like it, I think that I'll go do a session before baby boy comes so that we can have it in the freezer for once he's here. YAY! I'll let you all know how it goes. For 4 half meals (which serve 4) and 1 full meal (which serves 8), plus 1 additional side, it is about $70. I thought that that was decent, because we can eat 10-12 times on that if it's just Mark and me. He has really cut down his dinner eating to where he eats the same as me or less every night. It has really helped him lose weight. Anyway, we'll see if we like it, but I'm excited about the girls time!

That's all I've got tonight. Everyone have a good one. Peace.

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Holly said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're coming! I'm excited to try it out, too, and girls time is ALWAYS good. I can't wait! See you then!!