Thursday, January 24, 2008

OK Joe's and THE ZESTO

So, there is a BBQ place here called Oklahoma Joe's. It is pretty stinkin' scrumptious. I've been craving it for quite some time, but my hubby had been mean and wouldn't go because he has to "be in the mood for BBQ." Well, finally, after being frustrated about it, I told him a week or so ago that he was not getting any Mexican (restaurant, home-cooked, fast food) until I got OK Joe's. Apparently, that lit a fire under his behind, because today, he went and picked it up for me for lunch. The sweetheart! :) They have a sandwich there that I get every time called the "Z-Man." It is sliced brisket, 2 onion rings, provolone cheese, and of course, BBQ sauce. It is FABULOUS! All of their meals also come with pickles on the side and then Mark and I share a side of fries, because they are seriously like 2 large fries from any other restaurant put together. YUM-O! Can you tell that I loved it?!?

On another food-related chain of thought...There is a place in Pierre, SD (where my mom is from) called Zesto. It is a walk-up ice cream place. I don't know how long it's been there, but forever. Now, there are Zestos all over the country. HOWEVER, this one is unique for the very reason that I am OB-SESSED with it. They have soft-serve sherbet and you can have alone or swirled with vanilla (some flavors I prefer alone some are good with vanilla, too). They have everything from lime to grape to root beer to tutti frutti. There are a ton of flavors. Every M and Tu they have the same flavor, W and Th the same, and then F, S, and S the same flavor (which is always a red/pink flavor, by the way). So, there is only 1 option of sherbet a day and it changes on that schedule. All I know is, if I lived up there, I would be a COW! There are many other scrumptious things there, but the sherbet is my fav. Because it's a walk-up joint, it is only open in the warm months. For some reason, I thought that it was open Memorial Day through Labor Day. I'm going at the end of Sept for my cousin's wedding, so I was already scheming ways for different people to stock me up some for while I'm there. HOWEVER, I was estatic to find out that they ARE GOING TO BE OPEN WHEN I'M THERE!!! Now, chances are, I'll only be there Fri-Sun, so it will be the same flav the whole time, but I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! OH MYLANTA!!!!!!!!

So...anyone think that I might have a significant weight gain by my next appt? All I can think of is food right now! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's really frightening to think that I might be exceeding the 147 that I hit in my last pregnancy. Which, by the way, I always, always thought that I gained 47 lbs last time...not true! YES! I really only went from 113 to 147, which is a weight gain of 34 lbs! WOO-HOO! So, if I can just stay below 40 this time, I'll be good.

I'm sure babbling. I'm gonna go find me some dessert! :) HEE HEE

Social Suppers, here I come! :)

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Cami D said...

Oh bother Dev. This is supposed to be a time that you don't need to obsess about how much you weigh. At least relax a little now, you can obsess later. God gave you those cravings and desires for a reason. It is society that is trying to guilt you into feeling this way. Your body was trim and shapely before you got pregnant, you have nothing to feel uneasy about. And who says that you have to look the same? Our bodies are supposed to change when we grow little ones inside of there!
AND, I totally get the whole Zesto thing! My problem is that I am hardly ever there when it is open! ARRGG! I don't like all there flavors, but I love the tutti frutti and vanilla swirl. I don't like sherbert if it is too tangy, but theirs is just right.