Monday, January 28, 2008

Potty Time Fun

Well, we're on day 3 of pottying and we're doing well today. We've been in panties since we got up from nap about 2 hours ago and have stayed dry. We got new panties today. She picked out some 'george pannies' (in her words--that means Curious George) and then some Elmo panties. She was pretty proud of her new panties when we first put them on. I think the fact that they have George on them will be an incentive to keep them dry. I told her that if she pee-peed on George, they'd have to go bye-bye until I could wash them. She doesn't want that to happen! We also got some Dora stickers for her potty chart and some Pull-Ups for nap time. I wasn't very prepared since I hadn't really been pushing the potty training. BUT, I guess when they decide that they're ready...they're ready and you've gotta GET ready! :) We'll see how it all goes, but for now, we're on the road to being diaper free!!! At least until June.......

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