Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More time today...

If you didn't read the post below, make sure you do!

I seem to have extra time on my hands today between bathroom excursions since I don't have the kids. That doesn't happen often. I still feel pretty crummy, but oh well. I guess that's life, neh?

I just needed to write about 2 things. Here's my list so I don't forget. *grin* Cassie and Fish

Cassie first. Where to begin with that girl. We've been trying out the name Keaton and encouraging her to say it. Why? Well, let's just say that she has a book with 2 kitties. On the word 'kitties' she pronounces the 'k' as a 't.' She gets really excited about it and shouts "TWO TITTIES!" YIKES! Sorry for the vulgarity, but it's the truth of the matter. She does say, "Teaton, but she's trying to get the 'k' sound on it, so we're good with that. You know that as the bragging blogger that I am, I brag on her lots. Well, she's just plain amazing at what she understands, remembers, puts together on her own, etc. Today, she ran up to me randomly and said, "YAY KEATON!" I said, "What?" She said, "YAY KEATON!" and pointed at my belly. HILARIOUS! She just never, ever ceases to amaze me and I believe that I'll be saying that her whole life!

As for the era has ended for a while in the Vickers' household. We have no fish. They've all gone bye-bye. Mark just took them from both tanks, the rocks and sand from the big tank, and the big tank itself up to the fish store to sell. We have a terrible algae problem and the only way to solve it is to purge and regrow/recycle/rebuild. So, we'll have our tank in the wall and put lots and lots of snails/crabs/cleaner shrimps/starfish/etc. in it to get it all purified. Then, we'll start fresh from there. Someday in the future, we'll have another big tank, but probably not in this house, which we plan to be in for quite some time. Sad, but necessary for the good of the fish and the rock (which is live) and the other things (starfish and such). It's gonna be sad to see the wall with no fish tank, but it will greatly increase our space in that room, so it's a bittersweet thing.

Well, I am gonna go be productive before my gut calls again. :) Everyone stay warm and feel blessed!

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