Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Decision? We'll see...

First off, I'm not feeling well today. Michelle, I plan on calling you here in a bit. I got really sick after dinner last night...twice. The bathroom sort, if you get my drift. I chalked it up to dinner, though. I woke up sometime in the 3:00 hour to Cassie crying and when I set up, I almost ralphed. My stomach was soooo upset. So, after comforting her, it took me a looooong time to get back to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling equally sick. When my daycare mom came with her kids, she immediately put their coats back on and said that she was going to go to plan B so that they all didn't get sick in case I was sick with something. I completely understand. I wouldn't want to take the chance either. Anyway, I went back and laid down until Cassie got up and still feel rather crummy. No fun.

Well, with such few to choose. :) Just teasing. This is NOT 100%, but we think that we've made our decision. At this point, we're doing a trial run with: drum roll, please... KEATON GRAHAM VICKERS. We're going to try it out for a few days and see what we think of it. Cassie likes it and we think that "Cassie and Keaton" sound really cute together. We are going to look at alternate spellings to see if we like any others better if we decide to keep it. So, for the time being, we're calling our little buddy Keaton. I'll keep you posted...

As for the bedding, the splash one has always been the one I wanted since a few months before I was pregnant. Having already had a girl, we didn't need to look at girl bedding at all, obviously, so I had browsed the boy bedding. I actually came across this from another girl's blog and loved it. She had done her nursery with it. It IS about $100 more expensive than the other one, though, so we'll see what happens there. Whichever one we choose, we'll probably order it soon (from, so that we can pick paint colors to match and all of that. The good thing about the Splash set is that it comes with comforter, sheet, bumper, window valance, clothes hamper, and one more thing...oh, yeah...bed skirt. SO, you do get a lot for the money. We'll just see what happens.

So, here's something random that I thought I would mention. I bought new socks last night. If there was ever someone who needed new socks...*all fingers point at Devon*. My socks were horrid. Seriously...probably from high school. I hate socks, so it is only an issue when it is really, really cold. It has been lately (with the exception of this past weekend) and I needed socks. Here's what baffles me. I pick my socks and am confounded as to why they come in a resealable ziplock-type bag. Do your socks go bad??? I just don't understand. Do people keep their socks in the bag? I just throw them in the drawer. I just don't get it.

Well, Cassie appears to be done with her breakfast, as she's crying up there. I'd best go attend to her. Everyone have a great day and remember my favorite verse: "If God is for us, WHO can be against us?" Romans 8:31


Holly said...

AHHH, I didn't even get to vote! I guess that's what I get for being a day behind reading blogs :). I think Keaton Graham is quite cute and I agree, it goes well with Cassie. I also really like Connery. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well today, I hope that it passes soon. Take care and talk to you soon.

Cami D said...

Yeah, I guess I had that one coming to me. I do tend to lurk and not comment. I have been quite busy recently:
The weather just won't cooperate,
my fridge has been on the blink for about 5 weeks,
no electricity for 8 days,
then laundry out the ying-yang,
packing for trips,
end of the year tax prep,
wrestling practice every Mon, Tues and Thurs nights in another town (supper plans start around 2 pm now)
wrestling meets every Saturday in towns very spread out,
I was cleaning and worrying about hosting Bunko at my house tomorrow, but it has been postponed until Feb 7th,
JJ got hurt at practice last week. Had to go to ER. Hyperextended and inversion ankle roll. Nothing broken, but on crutches for a few days. Took him to your Dad's clinic, Rick adjusted his ankle. Said it was all messed up--VERY painful accident. But, he has had it adjusted another time and is now walking without crutches at all!!! Chiropractic is amazing, especially to see it with your own eyes. Rick said it never would've healed right if we hadn't put it all back together. The main bones in his ankle were WAY out of alingment. OH, if we only lived closer to Wichita!
Anyway--I did get your email about baby boy! What great news. I am sorry that you have been so sick lately. I was reading in a magazine I got about the benefits of red raspberry tea for pregnancy. If you are interested, I will tell you more about it.
I love the name Keaton. We have a little guy in our town by that name and he is literally always smiling. During wrestling practice, in everything he is smiling. A name that Joe and I picked out early on was Kenyon. It is a family name on the Porter side, but we never got around to using it. I just thought I would interject another name that is close and would be cute with Cassie. (i wasn't crazy about the nickname Ken that would eventually come from school)

So, I'll sign off for now. I love to keep updated on you and your brother through your blogs. Did you get the cheeky comment from him about my birthday tomorrow? He literally made me cackle out loud at my computer with that crack! I just love his wit!
Take care and keep on posting!

laura said...

YAY! Keaton Graham Vickers is really cute! I think she spelling is spot on cause I am a horrible speller and if I were writing his name that is what I would write. So basically you wont have people spelling your kids name wrong all the time. That gets annoying later in their lives when you get cool projects back that they did at school or something that you want to save and their name is spelled wrong on it. Sucks.

Anyway, happy Keaton day! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Graham first because when you're old and'll have quite the tongue-twister problem sorting through two names that start with the same sound. I like both names, though. What about Graham Emerson Vickers? Oh, and I REALLY liked the second choice for the baby room decor. Very cute!--AT