Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is a birthday shout out to my brother, Dustin, my cousin, Cami (who sometimes posts on here), and my Grandma...the big 8-5! Just wanted to wish them all a happy birthday since my bro and cuz both read this blog!


As a side note (sorry guys, but you know I can't post just about you...), Keaton was doing acrobatics in my belly this morning. I LOVE IT!


TacoDave said...

Keaton = stoopid

Cami D said...

Thanks Dev!

Cari's son Zach called me last night to sing Happy Birthday to me. It was so cute, but then he just had to ruin it. He said--'oh, did you know that you are half way to 70 years old today?' Precious child!

Keaton is great! Contrary and petulant voices, be silenced.

Chelf said...

I think of Alex P. Keaton.

Don't know if that is good or bad for the name... sorry.